Bonaventure Cemetery Entrance
330 Bonaventure Road
Thunderbolt (Savannah), Chatham County, Georgia

Some Burials, Monuments, and Gravestones

Gertrude A. Bliss McMillan Monument and Gravestone
Gertrude A. Bliss
Wife of Thomas H. McMillan
October 5, 1864
April 14, 1903
Ever thoughtful of home and loved ones as wife and mother she was all that one could be.
Joseph Pearce Wheless
Jan 1, 1867
Aug 28, 1944
Beulah Bliss Wheless
Nov 4, 1866
Oct 11, 1945
Joseph Pearce and Beulah Bliss Wheless Monument and Gravestone
Pearce and Catherine Wheless Monument and Gravestone
Pearce Wheless
Sept 21, 1892
May 24, 1895
Catherine Wheless
June 28, 1904
Oct 23, 1906
Charles Hohenstein
Aug 16, 1854 - Aug 30, 1915
To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die.
His Beloved Wife
Mary Doyle
May 27, 1858 - Oct 1, 1921
Her children rose up and called her blessed.
Charles and Mary Doyle Hohenstein Monument and Gravestone
Ferdinand, Marie, and Edmund Ehrlicher Monument and Gravestone
My Husband
Ph. Ferdinand Ehrlicher
Marie C. Ehrlicher
May 31, 1837
Sept 22, 1898
My Son
Edmund L. Ehrlicher
Charles Seiler
Born Aug 15, 1839 - Died Jan 9, 1912
Beloved Wife of Charles Seiler
Born Nov 9, 1839 - Died Jan 28, 1894
Charles and Ernestine Seiler Monument and Gravestone
Aaron Wilbur Monument and Gravestone
Aaron Wilbur
Born Barnard, Windsor Co, Vermont
December 12, 1821
Died Savannah, Georgia
December 5, 1869
Aged 48 Years
"Asleep in Jesus"
Peter Schafer
Sept 15, 1841
June 7, 1902
Mary C. Schafer
Jan 24, 1851
May 10, 1890
Peter and Mary Schafer Monument and Gravestone

American Legion Field: Veterans of World Wars
Charles W. Higgs, Jr.
PL Sgt
25 Regt USMC
4 Div
World War II
Willard Jay Reynolds
US Navy
World War II
Walter R. Ives
Died Oct 21, 1942
Age 52
Charles A. Armstrong
Died March 1, 1941
Age 50

Colonials Buried at Bonaventure
Noble Jones (1702-1775)
Noble Wimberly Jones (d. 1805)
Patrick Houstoun (d. 1762)
Prescilla Dunbar Houstoun (d. 1775)
George Houstoun (1744-1795)
Ann Houstoun (d. 1821)
Bartholomew Zouberbuhler (d. 1766)
William Butler (1715-1761)
Britton Williams (d. 1781)
Edward Telfair (d. 1807)
Josiah Tattnall (d. 1803)
Harriet Fenwick Tattnall (d. 1802)
John David Mongin (d. 1833)

Source: Bonaventure Historical Society

Johnnie Kriete Monument and Gravestone
Johnnie Kriete
Children of [G?] & C. R. Hartmann
Mary R. M.
Oct 9, 1858 - April 18, 1860
Emma [G?]
Oct 15, 1860 - March 4, 1861
Mary and Emma Hartmann Monument and Gravestone
Cynthia Waller Bass Monument and Gravestone
Cynthia Waller Bass
Nov 28, 1961
May 16, 1998
"Her laughter filled our lives, her love filled our hearts."
Loving Mother of Shawn, Mark and Jason
Carolyn Elizabeth Nunnally
Aug 1, 1917
Feb 15, 1936
Carolyn Elizabeth Nunnally Monument and Gravestone
Girardeau Family Monument
Claude L. Girardeau
July 31, 1886
June 29, 1940
Corinne Elliott Lawton
Died January 24th, 1877
Allured to brighter worlds and led the way.
Corinne Elliott Lawton Monument and Gravestone
Sarah Clitz Anderson Monument and Gravestone
Sarah Clitz
Wife of Gen. Robert H. Anderson
Capt. Robert H. Anderson
9th U. S. Infantry
Died Manila, Philippine Islands
November 7th, 1901
Capt. Robert H. Anderson Monument and Gravestone
Thomas and Eliza Theus Monument and Gravestone
Thomas N. Theus
A Confederate Soldier
Died Nov 28, 1903
Eliza Wilhelmina
The Devoted Wife of Thomas N. Theus
Died February 21, 1895
John Herndon Mercer
Nov 18, 1909
June 25, 1976
"And the Angels Sing"
John Herndon (Johnny) Mercer Gravestone
Lillian Ciucevich Mercer Monument and Gravestone
Lillian Ciucevich Mercer
September 22, 1881
September 9, 1977
"My mama done tol' me"
Sacred to the Memory of
George Johnson Baldwin
Born August 18, 1856
Died March 4, 1927
Lucy Harvie Baldwin
Beloved Wife of George Johnson Baldwin
Born March 25, 1857
Died February 18, 1923
George and Lucy Baldwin Monument and Gravestone

Miscellaneous Photos

Bonaventure Cemetery Photo
Taliaferro Monument and Gravestone
Bonaventure Cemetery Photo
Bonaventure Cemetery Photo
Bonaventure Cemetery Photo
Bonaventure Cemetery Photo

Bonaventure Cemetery Photo

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