Bussey Family Cemetery
Talbot County, Georgia

I visited this cemetery in November 2008. It was late in the day, and I was
in a bit of a hurry to get back home. I took one photo of each gravestone.
Consequently, there were one or two I could not read well when I sat down to
transcribe them. Those will be noted below. Otherwise, the transcriptions
below are of all the gravestones visible at the time of my visit. A few
photos are included. All are © 2008-2009 Stephanie Lincecum.

ADAMS, John FrankJan 7, 1928Oct 21, 1978US Navy
"Time Cannot Steal The Treasures That We Carry In Our Hearts."
BUSSEY, Betty Ann WhisnantJanuary 1, 1926March 15, 2008For He Shall Give His Angels Charge Over Thee - Psalm 91:11
[obituary abstract]
BUSSEY, Catherine A. ChamblessMar 10, 1834July 1, 1911Wife of William D. Bussey
BUSSEY, Catherine GiddensOct 6, 1836Jan 22, 1920Wife of Nathan Bussey, Jr.
BUSSEY, ClarenceMar 9, 1876Nov 11, 1913-
BUSSEY, Clarence WoodallFeb ?, ?Aug ?, ?[was unable to make out the dates, but the transcription at USGenWeb Archives has them as "27FE1906 - 28AU1961"]
BUSSEY, Edward NalleyNov 27, 1907Nov 14, 1950Georgia
SSgt 7504 AF Maint & Sup Gp
World War II
BUSSEY, Fannie _[?]_Oct 26, 1870Mar 22, 1943[couldn't read middle name, but the transcription at USGenWeb Archives has it as HINTON; s/s Nathan Bussey]
BUSSEY, James Alexander (Jim Alex)
Nov 5, 1912Sep 4, 2005Cpl US Army
World War II
Showing God's Grace By Serving Others - I Peter 4:10
[Jim A. Bussey's obituary abstract.]
BUSSEY, James BenjaminJuly 5, 1873June 1945May He Rest In Peace
BUSSEY, James MarionNov 11, 18271884[Obituary]
BUSSEY, John RespessMar 18, 1871June 20, 1898-
BUSSEY, LucyOct 9, 1853Sept 28, 1868-
BUSSEY, Lucy BaughJuly 5, 18051860Wife of Nathan Bussey, Sr.
BUSSEY, Mary Lou FellApr 5, 1873Feb 20, 1948Wife of Clarence Bussey
BUSSEY, Mary VirginiaSept 3, 1949Sept 3, 1949Budded On Earth To Blossom In Heaven
BUSSEY, NathanMay 8, 1869Dec 14, 1929[s/s Fannie Bussey]
BUSSEY, Rev. Nathan Jr.Oct 10, 1830Dec 11, 1877-
BUSSEY, Nathan Sr.Feb 5, 1796Oct 4, 1886[Though the death dates contradict, I think Nathan Bussey, Sr.'s obituary is here.]
BUSSEY, Peter BaughJuly 7, 1835Aug 1835-
BUSSEY, Rosamond Va PersonsOct 3, 1877Jan 30, 1964Faithful To Her Trust Even Unto Death
BUSSEY, Ruth WindsorSept 20, 1920Jan 23, 2000Wife of T. W. Bussey
BUSSEY, Sophia ElizabethOct 13, 1864June 5, 1866-
BUSSEY, Susan BirdMay 16, 1862Nov 18, 1863-
BUSSEY, Thomas WilliamOct 7, 1911Jan 16, 1985Pvt US Army
World War II

BUSSEY, William D.
June 6, 1825Feb 14, 1897Co A
Cobbs' Guards
GA Inf
GILBERT, John CalvinFeb 24, 1875Jan 1, 1951[s/s Mary Rebecca Bussey Gilbert]
GILBERT, Mary Rebecca (Bussey)Oct 7, 1872Mar 16, 1939[s/s John Calvin Gilbert]
INCHINGOLO, TaylorJan 27, 1991Jan 27, 1991Twins Born to N. Carolyn Wilson Inchingolo
[s/s Tyler Inchingolo]
INCHINGOLO, TylerJan 27, 1991Jan 27, 1991Twins Born to N. Carolyn Wilson Inchingolo
[s/s Taylor Inchingolo]
LITTLEJOHN, Lillie Mae "Nanny"Feb 21, 1905Sept 9, 1990-
MANN, James Frederick "Freddie"Nov 1, 1943May 23, 1987-
MANN, Virginia B.Oct 4, 1909Feb 10, 1966Inasmuch As Ye Have Done It Unto One Of The Least Of These My Brethren Ye Have Done It Unto Me.
MANN, William E. Sr.Aug 30, 1914Apr 17, 1994Always Enjoyed Sharing His Pleasure In God's Creation In Nature
MCCORMICK, Rebecca L.Oct 2, 1925Aug 16, 2002God's Light In A World Of Darkness

WILSON, Emory Allen Jr.
May 7, 1957Aug 10, 1963How Much Of Light, How Much Of Joy,
Is Buried With Our Darling Big Boy

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