Cove Baptist Church & Cemetery
Meriwether County, Georgia

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BROWN Burials

Brown, Alma C.Aug 19, 1906Dec 6, 1998Aunt
Brown, Andrew F.Apr 5, 1895Aug 26, 1953s/s Kitty Lou Brown
Brown, Billy FranklinFeb 9, 1939Mar 18, 1999Our Precious Brother
Brown, Carrie18581917Archer Funeral Home marker
Brown, Cecil L.Aug 28, 1943July 2, 1970I Cannot Say, And I Will Not Say
That He Is Dead. He Is Just Away!

With A Cheery Smile And A Wave Of The Hand,
He Has Wandered Into An Unknown Land.

And Left Us Dreaming How Very Fair
It Needs Must Be, Since He Lingers There.

Think Of Him Still As The Same, I Say!
He Is Not Dead -- He Is Just -- Away!
Brown, ClaraDec 3, 1940Mar 6, 1941-
Brown, D. A.Feb 24, 1883Sept 21, 1917-
Brown, E. RalphAug 2, 1918June 14, 1977Be Of Good Cheer,
I Have Overcome The World.

I Have Fought The Good Fight,
I Have Finished My Course,
I Have Kept The Faith.

Amazing Grace
Has Won The Race.
[s/s Frances K. Brown]
Brown, Eleanor LouiseFeb 8, 1931Nov 21, 1934-
Brown, Ellis L. Sr.Aug 20, 1924Dec 25, 2000-
Brown, Flora B.June 10, 1905Sept 27, 1986s/s John W. Brown
Brown, Frances K.Apr 14, 1918Aug 22, 2003"Sance"
For We Walk By Faith, Not
By Sight. IICor. 5:7

Grace Be To You And Peace
From The Father And From
Our Lord Jesus Christ.
[s/s E. Ralph Brown]
Brown, Frances L.Sept 20, 1927Apr 28, 2002Sister
Brown, George M.18551927Archer Funeral Home marker
Brown, George M. Jr.18811890Archer Funeral Home marker
Brown, Hazel I.19202005Mother
Brown, Henry F.Sept 22, 1921July 15, 1960-
Brown, Homer LeeJuly 25, 1919May 14, 1960Georgia
TEC5 88 Signal Co
World War II
Brown, James C.Aug 12, 1935Dec 24, 1975Pvt US Army
Brown, James M.Mar 22, 1927Mar 29, 1980Precious Lord Take My Hand
Brown, John E.Aug 11, 1905Sept 8, 1971-
Brown, John W.Sept 10, 1900Nov 18, 1995s/s Flora B. Brown
Brown, John W. Jr.19181963Father
Brown, John W. Sr.18891948PaPa
Brown, Julius BowmanMay 29, 1936Jan 20, 2008-
Brown, Julius JeromeApr 25, 1941May 22, 1941-
Brown, Julius "Wess"Nov 21, 1903Oct 20, 1980Father
Brown, Kitty LouMay 15, 1900Mar 22, 1964s/s Andrew F. Brown
Brown, Lottie B.May 5, 1909Nov 8, 1996Mother
Brown, Mary F.18921964Granny
Brown, Mary G.19031990A Loving Mother
[s/s Robert W. "Bob" Brown]
Brown, Ola G.Apr 5, 1885Apr 3, 1951Mother
Brown, Ollie GlennJan 8, 1911Jan 12, 1985"Twitty"
Pvt US Army
World War II
Brown, Ollie Glenn Jr. "Jim"Mar 20, 1931Nov 13, 2007SFC US Army
Brown, Pearl OusleyJuly 13, 1884Mar 1, 1959-
Brown, Robert W. "Bob"18991968A Devoted Father
[s/s Mary G. Brown]
Brown, W. F.Sept 9, 1866Apr 30, 1944Father
Brown, William G.Mar 18, 1925Aug 21, 1925-
Melton, Edna BrownNov 14, 1897Jan 17, 1969Mother
Melton, Joe C.Nov 3, 1897Sept 26, 1982Father
Melton, WinstonDec 2, 1920Jan 7, 1921How soon fades the tender flower.

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