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Old Snow Hill Church Cemetery

Highway 215
Wilcox County, Georgia

This cemetery is located a good distance off the highway. It is not far
out of the Pitts city limits. A local gentleman said beside this cemetery
was where the old Snow Hill Church stood.

The following survey is complete, according to what is able to be seen
today (July 2002). However, I believe there were many more burials than
what is listed below.

All photos © Stephanie Lincecum

NameBornDied Notes
B., Cora---
BANKS, Mattie B.4-18-18903-9-1970At Rest
BENJAMIN, ?Aug 5, 1931Feb 1, 1948At Rest
BENJAMIN, EmoryNov 29, 1901July 22, 1965May He Rest In Peace
BENJAMIN, G. W.Feb 19, 1915June 8, 1934Son of Mr. & Mrs. Sant Benjamin
BENJAMIN, JohnJune 6, 1872Jan 11, 1946Rest In Peace
BENJAMIN, JohnApr 8, 1905Aug 29, 1952Rest In Peace
BENJAMIN, Minnie-April 16, 1958At Rest
["J. W. Williams & Son" is also on the grave. I assume this is a company that had something to do with her burial.]
BENJAMIN, Otis19101931Son of Sant & Minnie Benjamin
BENJAMIN, Sanford Sr.1-20-191211-17-1995At Rest
BIVINS, JoeAug 31, 1900Oct 21, 1940Rest In Peace
BLANK, Mrs. AliceSept 25, 1880Mar 9, 1940Rest In Peace
BOOKS, FannieOct 17, 1878Oct 29, 1952At Rest
Ferguson Funeral Home
BRINSON, Lewis B.Feb 17, 1860Nov 23, 1911Good-bye to you all, I am gone.
BROWN, Mrs. Alice---
BROWN, Ernest Sr.5-26-19178-11-2000At Rest
COLE, John HenryOct 15, 1889Oct 4, 1953-
EPPS, W. M.Nov 5, 1892Sept 13, 1918Son of E. N. Epps
EVERSON, LeollaSept 4, 1893May 11, 1958At Rest
GASTON, Cornelia9-22-19278-16-1979-
GREEN, LawtonJan 27, 1893Aug 27, 1974PVT US Army
GREEN, Rosa A.9-24-19017-30-1970At Rest
HARDEN, Ammie1887Nov 14, 1940-
HARDEN, GeorgeMay 24, 1887Feb 18, 1945At Rest
HARPER, Robert12-25-18991-7-1988At Rest
HOPPER, Valieree190510-13-1979-
HOWARD, Carrie L.-Sept 16, 1963At Rest
HOWARD, Johnnie B.Apr 15, 1918Dec 21, 1947Rest In Peace
HOWARD, Oscar10-15-188712-2-1968At Rest
IVARY, AlgiaMar 17, 1897Mar 1, 1947At Rest
Wife of Frank Ivary
Budded on Earth to Bloom in Heaven
JAMES, Dea. Paul J.10-15-19137-21-1925At Rest FFH
JAMES, Richard6-22-19074-26-1986At Rest
JOHNSON, EvaMay 22, 1919Dec 14, 1940Daughter of Sant & Minnie Benjamin
At Rest
JOHNSON, Decon H. A.Apr 15, 1853Mar 24, 192?[Mason; Photo]
KENDRICK, ThelmaNov 19, 1918Oct 17, 1936Daughter of Sant & Minnie Benjamin
LEACH, ?. C.---
LEACH, ClidieMar 6, 1903Dec 4, 1913-
LEACH, Frank Hugo10-16-19304-27-1980-
LEACH, Lewis H.June 11, 1913Mar 27, 1949-
LEACH, Martha A.9-6-18863-10-1958At Rest
LEACH, Mary---
LEACH, S. L.Nov 6, 1897July 14, 1915I want to go home.
He was beloved by God & man.
LEONARD, WillieJune 17, 1876Apr 18, 1948Rest In Peace
MANN, OttoApril 9, 1933Oct 14, 1951Georgia
Korea PH
PHILLIPS, Olivia Beatrice9-11-1913July 4, 1915-
RANFORD, Annie M.6-27-190010-2-1972At Rest
REEVES, Mary EttaMar 15, 1887Jan 23, 1947At Rest
TAYLOR, Joseph8-26-19275-10-1980-
THARPE, W. R.Aug 16, 1888Jan 8, 1960Sleep on. I love you, but Jesus loves you best.
THARPE, ZilphiaSept 1853Jan 4, 1916-
THOMPSON, Cornelia G.1-30-19296-18-1999At Rest
TISDOL, Brant L.July 7, 1918July 21, 1967Georgia
World War II
TROUTMAN, Beaula G.3-20-18937-18-1977-
TROUTMAN, Clarence1901Dec 30, 1925-
TROUTMAN, Della18711943-
TROUTMAN, JeromeOct 12, 1897Nov 3, 1956-
TROUTMAN, Louise9-12-19079-27-1979-
TROUTMAN, Lucille L.5-16-193411-4-1996At Rest
TROUTMAN, Warren L.10-8-191410-26-1990At Rest
TROUTMAN, WillieJuly 27, 1891Mar 21, 1962At Rest
WALKER, Tommy M.7-13-19801-5-1981-
WILLIAM, JohnieJuly 1, 1894Jan 5, 1958At Rest
WILLIAMS, Allice-Jan 13, 1916Weep not, she is not dead, but sleepeth.
I can't stand it. I am going to leave you this morning.
WILLIAMS, Elijah--Co A
WILLIAMS, John H.-June 10, 1962At Rest

* There are also 24 unmarked concrete slabs.

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