Information Regarding Some
Tombstones Found in the
Central Avenue Division of Rose Hill Cemetery
Macon, Bibb County, Georgia

A special THANK-YOU to Mr. James Allen, who submitted over 10,000 photos from Rose Hill Cemetery! They can also be found in the GAGenWeb Archives. Unless otherwise noted, transcriptions were made by Stephanie Lincecum.

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NameBirth InfoDeath InfoExtra
?, MargaretJan 1821April 1890Sister; Founder of the Order of Deaconesses of St. Katharine
?, SarahJuly 1, 1818April 21, 1901Sister
[Appleton Church Home Lot]
ACKLEN, Ella Mason18431913-
ADAMS, George W.
[Photo by J. Allen]
Apr 29, 1814 in Newcastle Co. Del.Jan 5, 1893 in Forsyth, GAHe Was A Prominent Mason And Odd Fellow
ADAMS, Henrietta Hollingsworth-Sep 13, 1889Wife of A. B. Adams, Aged 59 Y's, "Her children arise up & call her blessed."
ADAMS, Henry G.-Aug 27, 1876Aged 9 Yrs.
ADAMS, Jefferson Davis--Son of A. B. & H. H. Adams, Age 4 y'rs.
ADAMS, Johnathan L.-March 13, 1889Aged 38 Y's, "After life's fitful fever, he sleeps well."
ADAMS, Walter S.-April 30, 1892Aged 27 Y's, "Death never stilled a nobler heart, or blasted brighter hopes."
ALDEN, Louisiana Susan23rd March 18385th Decr 1841Sacred in the Memory of; Daughter of George W. & [?] Alden; Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.
ALEXANDER, Ludovic John
[Photo by J. Allen]
Nov 8, 1909Nov 27, 1995[s/s Margaret Plant Grant Alexander]
ALEXANDER, Margaret Plant Grant
[Photo by J. Allen]
Sept 26, 1912Mar 31, 1995[s/s Ludovic John Alexander]
ALMAND, Joseph MorrisAug 16, 1903Nov 25, 1982[s/s Martha Holt McCaw Almand]
ALMAND, Martha Holt McCawAug 21, 1911May 30, 1993[s/s Joseph Morris Almand]
ANDERSON, Ada Frances HardemanOct 31, 1833July 20, 1913Wife of William F. Anderson
ANDERSON, Elizabeth Anderson18981945Wife of William T. Anderson
ANDERSON, Gussie GeneNov 17, 1890Sept 22, 1891Daughter of Eugene & Gussie B. Anderson
ANDERSON, John R., D.V.S.Aug 16, 1859June 23, 1934-
ANDERSON, William F.Aug 22, 1834Feb 6, 1907Confederate Service, 1861-1865
ANDERSON, William ThomasAug 21, 1871Nov 23, 1945-
ARMSTRONG, Martha Keith18791945-
ARMSTRONG, N. Bruce18801938-
ARTOPE, Elizabeth Fowler GoodwynOctober 26, 1866November 19, 1930Wife of Thomas E. Artope
[ARTOPE], GoodwynAug 3, 1880Sep 19, 1881[Reference:]
ARTOPE, James PeterDec 24, 1858Apr 29, 1860Son of T. B. & L. C. Artope
ARTOPE, Laura C. StubbsMarch 9, 1835Oct 8, 1884Wife of T. B. Artope; He took thee, our Darling, to His ever blest abode.
[s/s Thomas B. Artope]
ATWELL, Florence Estelle
[Photo by S. Lincecum]
June 29, 1880Dec 16, 1918-
B., W. I.[abt 1869]6-30-188011 Yrs.
BAILEY, Eliza Frances Dupont-April 30, 1853And left none who excelled her in all that adorns and beautifies the life of [...?...]
BAILEY, Samuel T.
[Photo by J. Allen]
Brattleboro, Vt Sept 11, A.D. 1796Macon, Ga Oct 6, A.D. 1870-
BAKER, Susan-Sept 15th, 18[?][broken stone]
BARTLETT, Doctor MyronMarch 24th, A.D. 1798Macon February 7th, A.D. 1848In Memory of...A native of Bath, NH; Aged about 50 years; In his chosen vocation as Editor of a political journal for nearly twenty years, his course was marked with the purest patriotism and ardent love of his country. Requiescat in pace.
BARTLETT, Tabitha NapierJones County, Ga April 2d, A.D. 1815November 27th, A.D. 1847In Memory of...Wife of Doctor Myron Bartlett; Daughter of Isaac & Sarah G. Harvey; She died as she had lived in the peaceful enjoyment of the Christians' hope of a blissful immortality... Here sweet be my rest till He bid me arise, To hail Him in triumph descending the skies.
BASS, Sgt. John ThomasMarch 17, 1843May 15, 18632 BN, GA Inf, CSA
BEDFORD, B. F.-Feby 21, 1886Aged 34 Years, 7 Mos, & 17 days
BEDFORD, Eliza J.-Jan 3, 1881Mother's Grave; Aged 48 Years
BELL, WilliamScotland 1830Aug 17, 1879-
BENNER, G. H.January 19, 1854February 12, 1929"I give unto them eternal life."
BENSON, Catherine E. BrewerJan 24, 1822Feb 27, 1908Wife of Richard A. Benson
BIBB, E. Geraldine18261874-
BINDER, Henry C.April 13, 1851Sept 12, 1877In Memory of; Son of Jacob & Carolina Binder; Rest in Peace
BIVINS, Miss SaraDec 12, 1821July 8, 1898-
BLACK, Julia RossJune 14, 1857January 27, 1927Daughter of Albert & Rebecca Ross
BLACKMON, Emma Beall MethvinNacoochee Valley, GA June 21, 1879Dalton, GA Dec 31, 1970Wife of John P. Blackmon
BLACKSHEAR, Thos. B.18451911-
BLAKE, Annie B.--While you are asleep with Jesus, We are lonely, Darling, without you.
BLAKE, ElizaManchester, Eng. Aug 24, 1824Macon, Mar 25, 1847Wife of G. J. Blake, Age 22 y's, 6 mo's & 29 d'ys
BLAKE, Green J.18181897-
BLAKE, Martha Howard18311910Wife of Green J. Blake
BLAND, Virginia CookDec 5, 1888June 8, 1986-
BLOUNT, David E.January 8, 1813November 8, 1891-
BLOUNT, Mark Donald-Oct 19, 1849Son of Thos. H. & Sarah A. R. Blount; Age 6 Years
BLOUNT, Sarah A. R.May 7th, 1819April 19th, 1845Wife of Thomas H. Blount; Eldest Daughter of Mark D. & Nancy M. Clarke; She lived to die, and died to live. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
BODEN, AnnieAugusta, Ga 1855Macon, Ga 1879In Memory of
BOIFEUILLET, Anne Lydia McKinnonOct 16, 1825May 26, 1901Wife of John T. Boifeuillet, Sr.
BOIFEUILLET, Charles McKinnonSept 12, 1866Sept 17, 1923Son of J. T. & Anne McKinnon Boifeuillet, Sr.
Death Certificate
BOIFEUILLET, Clara A. NuttingJan 5, 1863Feb 23, 1901Wife of John T. Boifeuillet, Jr.
BOISFEUILLET, Mary Cecile18521885-
BOND, Elijah18041877-
BOND, Sophia18061876-
BOWDRE, Edward P.Aug 29, 1839July 23, 1871Tribute of love from Mother. Late Captain in the Confederate Army. God's finger touched him, and he slept.
BOYNTON, Joseph J.New Hampshire Nov 7th, 1816June 28th, 1851Sacred to the Memory of...consort of Penelope Boynton, Aged 34 yrs, 7 mo's & 21 d's
BOYNTON, Joseph JacksonJan [?], 1875March 2[?], 1881-
BOYNTON, Mary TheresaOct 7, 1846July 17, 1906Wife of S. H. Boynton
BRANAN, Emily E. GardnerNov 9, 1841Nov 13, 1909Wife of J. F. Branan
BRANTLEY, Julia E. ClarkNov 10, 1861Nov 14, 1933Wife of Thad W. Brantley
BRANTLY, G. W. A.18461892-
BRANTLY, Susan A. Beville
[Photo by J. Allen]
Feb 11, 1833Apr 7, 1898Mother; Wife of William Shivers Brantly
BRANTLY, William Shivers
[Photo by J. Allen]
Nov 13, 1826Oct 20, 1896Father
BREAUX, Mildred Henderson PayneJuly 23, 1904December 24, 1982In Memory of...Wife of Charles Ballard Breaux; Interred in Cavehill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky
BREWER, Mary F.Feb 29, 1796Jan 31, 1871[s/s Thomas A. Brewer]
BREWER, Thomas A.Aug 20, 1792Sept 26, 1874[s/s Mary F. Brewer]
BRIGHT, Martha A. BrananSept 28, 1852Jan 3, 1880Wife of G. L. Bright
BRIGHT, Mary BellOct 15, 1845Feb 16, 1919Wife of G. L. Bright
Death Certificate
BROOKS, Augustus M.Dec 25, 1877Sept 6, 1911-
BROOKS, Lula J.July 14, 1855Jan 2, 1920-
BROOKS, Mattie C[linton]Nov 18, 1883Feb 10, 1911[Reference:]
BROOKS, Noah P.Aug 14, 1851July 8, 1913-
BROWN, Charles E.Oct 1878Feb 1930-
BROWN, Dorothy DunstanDec 16, 1927Jan 14, 1999s/s Walter Edward Brown
BROWN, George C.18491886-
BROWN, Mary Adelaide WileyFeb 10, 1876Nov 4, 1915Wife of Robert Lawson Brown
BROWN, Robert LawsonJan 6, 1872Mar 2, 1912-
BROWN, Robert LawsonJune 29, 1932January 24, 1936Son of Vongeil Grace & R. Lawson Brown; God gives us love, something to love He lends us.
BROWN, Walter EdwardJan 30, 1918Aug 6, 1989s/s Dorothy Dunstan Brown
BRYANT, Eloise A.-Oct 29, 1915Mother; Age 76 Yrs
BUCHANAN, Margaret A.
[Photo by S. Lincecum]
18251889She lived for others.
BURDEN, Annie M.May 28th, 1869Aug 14th, 1886"She Loved Her Mother"
BURDEN, Sarah D. BarnesJune 14, 1848July 12, 1908Wife of William H. Burden
BURDEN, Wm. C.June 15, 1871Oct 21, 1899-
BURDETT, William Carter Jr.Oct 25, 1918Mar 11, 1995In Memory of...Husband of Marlys Hanson
BURGHARD, Louis Evans-November 20, 1889Infant son of Louis H. & Lucia E. Burghard
BURGHARD, Lucia Evans-Jan 22, 1938Beloved wife of Louis H. Burghard, "Love"
BURKE, AgnesJune 14, 1893Jan 29, 1918Daughter of E. W. & E. B. Burke; Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.
Death Certificate
BURKE, Carrie Young-Oct 17th, 1857Daughter of J. W. & C. A. Burke; Aged 11 mos & 3 days
BURKE, Elliot ChaseJan [?], 1860May 25, 1860Son of J. W. & C. A. Burke
BURKE, Lora WatermanOct 23, 1900July 1, 1986Wife of Edward W. Burke
BURKE, William BlountJune 12, 1864Dec 19, 1947For 56 years a Methodist Missionary to China
BURNEY, Susan C.-Macon, Ga Aug 3, 1850Sacred to the Memoru of...Wife of Silas F. Burney of Tallahassee, Florida, Age 21 y'rs, 5 mo's, Ever to memory dear; we live to mourn thee still. [?] we placed this record here, could sorrow kill.
BUTLER, Beckham C.Nov 24, 1856Dec 10, 1922-
BUTLER, Rebecca Anne Campbell18131897-
CAMPBELL, Emma Lee18781910Daughter of James H. & Fannie B. Campbell
CAMPBELL, Fannie Blount
[Photo by J. Allen]
June 15, 1847Mar 22, 1881-
CAMPBELL, Katie L.18711929Deaconess
CAMPBELL, Rex FultonDec 22, 1908Mar 7, 1970Georgia, Cpl US Army, WWII
CARMICHAEL, Katherine WillinghamSeptember 1, 1902April 14, 1980Wife of Robert Joseph Carmichael
CARSON, Ruth WilsonFeb 7, 1895May 14, 1927In Memory of...Wife of James Ricks Carson, Interred Carson Family Cemetery, Macon County, Ga
Death Certificate
CARTER, MosesPhilla, Pa Dec 11, 1854Macon Jan 18, 1875Son of Dr. J. W. & Sarah Carter; To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die.
CARVER, Ann Eliza (Mrs.)[abt 1817]Feby 8, 1854Sacred to the Memory of...Wife of Robert Carver.
AE 36 years, 7 months, & [_?_]
CARVER, Jimmy[abt 1843]June 10th, 1854Here lays little...eldest son of Robert Carver. Drowned in the Ocmulgee River while bathing. 10 yrs, 10 mos, & 7 dys
CARY, MarthaAuburn, Mass Jan 20, 1790Macon, Geo Dec 11, 1865-
CASSELS, Sarah Ann-May 23rd, 1841Sacred to the Memory of; Wife of Rev. Samuel J. Cassels; Daughter of George & Sarah Norman; Aged 31 years; And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying. Neither shall there be anymore pain, for the former things are passed away. In intellect vigorous, in affection ardent, in conversation lively and cheerful, in piety humble and unobtrusive.
CATER, Anne DanielApril 12, 1923May 21, 2004Wife of Fletcher Sidney Cater, Jr.
CATER, Fletcher Sidney Jr.January 10, 1914April 19, 2005-
CATER, Kathleen Adele BanksNov 10, 1880June 14, 1971Wife of Fletcher Sidney Cater
CHAMBERLAIN, Blanche Kell NisbetApr 25, 1893Nov 30, 1963Wife of Samuel R. Chamberlain
CHAPMAN, Amanda P. CherryOct 22, 1856Sept 6, 1922Wife of Walter B. Chapman
CHAPMAN, Nancy Elizabeth NelsonOct 3, 1856Aug 13, 1885Wife of Walter B. Chapman
CHEATHAM, Lucia DrucillaAugust 1, 1881August 13, 1881Infant daughter of T. A. & M. P. Cheatham; Our Baby
CHEATHAM, Mattie PritchettMarch 8, 1859November 14, 1937Wife of Dr. T. A. Cheatham; Her love remains strengthened by memory...MaMa
CHEATHAM, Dr. T. A.August 3, 1851December 7, 1931He gave much and asked little. PaPa
CHEATHAM, William Russell OwenNov 21, 1955Nov 23, 1955-
CHERRY, Benjamin FranklinMacon, Ga Feb 28, 1867Macon, Ga Jan 19, 1881Son of Hilliard & Martha W. Cherry; Aged 18 Yrs, 10 mos, 21 days
CHERRY, Hilliard J.Chester Co, SC Nov 15, 1820Macon, Ga Jan 27, 1894Our Father; "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."
CHERRY, Job S.Martin County, North Carolina December 12th, 1798July 11th, 1836In Memory of; removed to Georgia in 1829
CHERRY, Lucius--Son of J. H. & L. M. Cherry; Aged 3 Months
CHERRY, Martha W.Putnam Co, Ga June 18, 1824Macon, Ga Mch 23, 1878Our Mother; Formerly Wright
CHERRY, MaryJuly 12, 1800Jan 5, 1875In Memory of; Wife of Job S. Cherry
[Stone maker - Tom B. Artope, Macon]
CLARK, Mrs. IsabelaKelso, Scotland Jan 12, 1787near Macon, Ga Sept 25, 1842Mother; A devoted mother. Erected by A. M.
CLARKE, Mark D.-Octr 23d, 1850Age 66 Yrs. He died trusting in the merits of the Saviour for the salvation of his soul. He that believeth in Me, though be he dead, yet shall he live.
CLEVELAND, CatharineIrelandJuly 31st, 1841-
CLEVELAND, Eliza SmithAug 20, 1838Sep 3, 1866Wife of Wm. C. Cleveland
CLISBY, Celetta RansomJuly 19, 1832April 6, 1908Wife of Joseph Clisby
CLISBY, J. H. RansomSept 15, 1864Nov 1, 1869Son of Joseph & Celetta Clisby
CLISBY, JosephMay 31, 1818Feb 26, 1885-
COATES, Ida S. BurdenJune 26, 1867Oct 28, 1941Wife of George W. Coates
COLLINS, Hennie JonesOct 12, 1854Oct 24, 1889Wife of W. W. Collins
COLLINS, Louisa H.
[Photo by J. Allen]
-Sept 19, 1872In Memory of...Wife of S. Collins; Aged 45 Yr's. & 4 Mo's.
COLLINS, Robert-Oct 12, 1853Age 6 Yrs, 5 Mo's
COLLINS, Robert (Dr.)-April 4th, 1861Aged 61
[s/s Mary Collins, Mattie Collins, Robt Collins, Jr., Juliet G. Collins Lewis]
COLLINS, Robert Smith
[Photo by J. Allen]
October 15, 1862October 10, 1908Son of Stephen & Louisa Collins
COLLINS, Sarah M.-Nov 2nd, 1852Daughter of Stephen & Louisa H. Collins; AE 6 yr's, 2 mo's & 15 days
COLLINS, Stephen
[Photo by J. Allen]
Nov 30, 1809Feb 19, 1885-
COLLINS, Stephen Lee--Son of S. & L. H. Collins; Aged 8 mo's & 12 dy's
COLLINS, Stephen W.-Oct 6th, 185[?]Infant son of S. & L. H. Collins; Aged [1?] yr & 4 mos
COLLINS, Thomas Edgar
[Photo by J. Allen]
[?][?]Son of S. & L. H. Collins
[Photo by J. Allen]
Nov 3, 1848July 10, 1904-
COLLINS, William
[Photo by J. Allen]
-Oct 14, 1854Aged 47
COLLINS, William Wilson Jr.Macon, GA Nov 29, 1879Sept 19, 1956In Memory of...Buried in Tacoma, Wash.
COLZEY, Mary S.-Nov 28, 1855Wife of Dr. E. F. Colzey; Age 26; A tribute of affection from her husband and brother
COOPER, Joseph Duncan-Oct 24th, 1852Son of Geo. M. & L. D. Cooper; AE 7 mo's & [?]
COOPER, Katherine E. OliverJuly 19, 1857Dec 25, 1940Wife of Samuel C. Cooper
COPPEDGE, Stella Ruth HillardMay 10, 1923May 19, 1998Wife - Mother - Best Friend
CRAIG, CharlesLallerlierry, Co. Donegal, Ireland 1825Macon, Ga 1892In Memory of My Husband
CRAIG, JamesMacon, Ga 1866Macon, Ga 1879In Memory of
CRANDALL, John RoswellDec 24, 1910Feb 22, 1996Colonel - United States Air Force; Awarded French Croix de Guerre Avec Etoile de Vermeil - World War II
CUBBEDGE, Anna M.18341910-
CUBBEDGE, Clarence H.
[Photo by S. Lincecum]
May 22, 1859Sept 7, 1913s/s Henrietta M. Cubbedge
CUBBEDGE, Frank M.18901892-
CUBBEDGE, Henrietta M.
[Photo by S. Lincecum]
Mar 2, 1869Aug 22, 1951s/s Clarence H. Cubbedge
CUBBEDGE, Horace--Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Cubbedge
CUBBEDGE, MettaApril 26, 1861August 31, 1877Daughter of R. W. & A. M. Cubbedge
CUBBEDGE, Richard W.18291891-
CULVERHOUSE, George W.18681927-
CULVERHOUSE, Minnie Lee Brown18701949Wife of George W. Culverhouse
CURD, Edward Sylvanus18681901Son of J. C. & J. H. Curd
CURD, John Carhart18721920Son of J. C. & J. H. Curd
CURD, John Clopton
[Photo by J. Allen]
Putnam Co, GA Jany 29, 1832Macon, GA Nov 9, 1883-
CURD, Julia H. BatesRoyalton, Vermont Aug 17, 1842Macon, GA Nov 13, 1915Wife of John C. Curd
Her children arise and call her blessed.
CURD, Richard18781920Son of J. C. & J. H. Curd
CURD, Robert Bates18741920Son of J. C. & J. H. Curd
CURD, Sarah E.--Aged 83
Asleep in Jesus and is blest.
How sweet her slumbers are.
CUTTER, Annah HerbMay 25th, 1792 Savannah, GASep 16th, 1867In Memory of...Wife of Henry S. Cutter
CUTTER, Dorothy[abt 1908]June 2, 1914Daughter of W. H. & Belle Cutter
Age 5 Yrs, 9 Mos, & 7 Days
CUTTER, Henry S.Boston, Mass. April 30th, 1787[Macon, GA] May 16th, 1846-
CUTTER, Nettie Parks18961996-
CUTTER, William H.18781962-
CUTTER, William Henry Jr. (Lt.)Nov 11, 1920Aug 25, 1944 Over GermanyU.S.A.A.F.
DEAN, Obedience PearlAug 9, 1811Jan 8, 1879Wife of James Dean, Aged 67 Years & 5 Months; As Christ was magnified in her life, she was glorified in her death.
DEITZ, John G.
[Photo by J. Allen]
5/11/182310/27/1898Grand Secretary continuously from 1869 to 1898.
His many virtues form the noblest monument to his memory.
DEITZ, Mary EstherSavannah, GA April 19, 1857Macon, GA Sept 15, 1898At Rest
DELOACHE, Byland KendrickMarch 20th, 1849November 11th, 1854Aged 5 years, 7 months, & 22 days. We miss you, oh beloved ones From the places where ye dwell, From the altar and the hearth stone, Where with us in prayer ye knelt. We listen for a foot fall, That we never more may hear, and our hearts a yearning vainly For the voices held so dear. Children of Jackson & Eliza L. DeLoache
[s/s George Wilconson DeLoache, Francis ? DeLoache]
DELOACHE, Francis [Wright]May 3rd, 185[1]November 10th, 1854Aged 3 years, 6 months, & 7 days. We miss you, oh beloved ones From the places where ye dwell, From the altar and the hearth stone, Where with us in prayer ye knelt. We listen for a foot fall, That we never more may hear, and our hearts a yearning vainly For the voices held so dear. Children of Jackson & Eliza L. DeLoache
[s/s George Wilconson DeLoache, Byland Kendrick DeLoache; Reference:]
DELOACHE, George WilconsonMay 20th, 1853November 15th, 1854Aged 1 year, 5 months, & 26 days. We miss you, oh beloved ones From the places where ye dwell, From the altar and the hearth stone, Where with us in prayer ye knelt. We listen for a foot fall, That we never more may hear, and our hearts a yearning vainly For the voices held so dear. Children of Jackson & Eliza L. DeLoache
[s/s Francis ? DeLoache, Byland Kendrick DeLoache]
DELOACHE, JacksonSumpter, SC Aug 17, 1821May 25, 1872My precious husband...[?]...Nothing in my hand I bring, Simply to thy cross I cling.
DENT, James__ 10, 179[8?]Dec 28, 1871-
DERRY, Leona RipleyJan 29, 1882July 17, 1978Wife of George Seney Derry
DOBBS, Martha North18591925-
DOYLE, MaggieMacon, Ga[7/21/1889] Macon, Ga[Reference:]
DOYLE, P. W.Co Wexford, Ireland March 1833Feb 2, 1876Beneath this stone his ashes rest, Whose memory fills our aching breasts, Who sleeps unconscious of the tear, That fills our breasts with sorrow here.
DRIGGARS, Annie E. RobertsSept 4, 1870April 3, 1938Wife of J. D. Driggars
DRIGGARS, Callie D.18611940Wife of M. N. Driggars
DRIGGARS, Daniel H.May 4, 1879Aug 19, 1948-
DRIGGARS, Jackson D.June 15, 1867May 16, 1918-
DRIGGARS, Lewis R.18861968-
DRIGGARS, Michael H.18861962-
DRIGGARS, Michael N.18561927-
DUNBAR, Anna M.18741877Daughter of D. C. Dunbar, Sr.
DUNBAR, Cora Lee18641928-
DUNBAR, D. C.-June 29, 1897Pvt, Georgia Armory Guards, C.S.A.
DUNBAR, Edgar Pope18981958-
DUNBAR, John D.18611938-
DUNBAR, Leila Brown18681928-
EDWARDS, Colin L.Dec 6, 1888Oct 10, 1957Illinois, Sgt US Army, WWI
EDWARDS, James CorsonPhiladelphia, Pa. July 17, 1802May 17, 1861Father of Harry Stillwell Edwards, Author
[EDWARDS], MaryAugust 3, 1786-Died in the [73?] year of her age...
ELKINS, Clara Jane ShackelfordCharleston, SC July 19, 1851Washington Co, Ga Nov 12, 1898Sacred to the Memory of; Beloved wife of G. J. Elkins; Daughter of F. R. & G. M. Shackelford; "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they see God."
ELLISON, George PierceNovember 27th, 1843June 22nd, 1845Son of Wm. H. & Anna W. Ellison; Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust. Isaiah XXVI, 19th
[s/s Robert Paine Ellison]
ELLISON, Robert PaineMarch 7, 1851April 21, 1851Son of W. H. & Anna W. Ellison; Is it well with the child? It is well.
[s/s George Pierce Ellison]
ENGLISH, Norman E.June [?], 1900Sept 24, 1957Georgia, Pvt Hq Co 328 Infantry, WWI
ERNEST, George W.--Co C, 2 Ga Inf
ESTES, Nannie JonesJuly 3, 1865Oct 30, 1935Wife of Claud Estes
EVANS, Lucy Ann RussellWilkes Co, Ga June 30, 1810Macon, Ga June 18, 1845Wife of R. K. Evans
EVANS, Mary AmandaJan 12, 1830Oct 31, 1893Wife of Oliver F. Evans
EVANS, Nonie RhodesMar 5, 1872Aug 3, 1949Wife of R. W. Evans
EVANS, Oliver FletcherSept 27, 1856July 31, 1857Son of O. F. & M. A. Evans
EVANS, Rufus K.Rochester, N.H. Sept 16, 1798Macon, Ga Dec 11, 1851-
FAIRBANKS, John-1874-
FARGO, Bessie BensonDec 24, 1850Sep 7, 1912Wife of J. M. Fargo
FEAGIN, Dolores Nottingham18831905-
FEAGIN, Henry S.
[Photo by J. Allen]
FEAGIN, Jennie A.Oct 9, 1842May 7, 1922Wife of Henry S. Feagin
Asleep in Jesus
FERGUSON, Susie-1889Wife of E. G. Ferguson
FINDLAY, Arthur P.-Aug 30, 1926-
FINDLAY, Mary F. Brantly18581945Wife of A. P. Findlay
FINDLAY, Susie de S.18881979-
FITCH, Horace Kellogg-Aug 7, 1840Son of Horace & Harriet Fitch; Age 1 yr, 5 mo, & 25 d'ys
FORT, Anna L.Macon, Ga March 19, 1846Macon, Ga ___ 20, 1885Wife of Robert W. Fort
FORT, Robert W.Macon, Ga April 20, 1839Mobile, Ala October 13, 1873-
G., C. E.-8-7-18821 Mo.
GAMBLE, J.17811855Grand Father
GAMBLE, S.17761836Grand Mother
GATER, Lucia JohnsonApr 20, 1847Sept 2, 1855Age 8 Y'r. 5 mo. & 11 d's; Child of T. J. & A. E. Gater
[s/s Tho's Wimberly Gater]
GATER, Tho's WimberlyApr 27, 1856Aug 1, 1857Age 1 Y'r. 3 mo. & 3 d's; Child of T. J. & A. E. Gater
[s/s Lucia Johnson Gater]
GILLESPIE, Doris SiefertAug 14, 1882Mar 16, 1945-
GLISSON, Samuel E. Jr.Apr 7, 1893March 19, 1937Georgia, Pvt 157 Depot Brig
GODFREY, Mrs. M. J.Feb 28, 1838June 22, 1899Our Mother
GOODWYN, Hattie Strong RogersJan 13, 1869June 3, 1898Wife of T. G. Goodwyn
GOODYEAR, AlbertHamden, Conn 1825Macon, Ga 1902-
GOVE, Rev. S. F.Weymouth, Mass. Mar 9, 1823Dec 3, 1900Men die, but their works live after them.
GRATIGNY, Ruby ShealyJuly 4, 1902Nov 18, 1989MaMa G
GRAY, Alice E.-Feb 22d, 1849Age 7 mos & 14 dys; Child of J. D. & Anna A. Gray
[s/s John D. Gray]
GRAY, Anne AmeliaCharleston, So Ca June 22, 1826Oct 6, 1855Sacred to the Memory of...My Wife
[s/s David Gray]
GRAY, David-Nov 29, 1855Age 18 Mo's; "Little David"
[s/s Anne Amelia Gray]
GRAY, John C.-Oct 25th, 1845Age 4 Yrs & 10 mo's; Son of William & Maria E. Gray
GRAY, John D.-Octr 22d, 1844Age 7 mos & 16 dys; Child of J. D. & Anna A. Gray
[s/s Alice E. Gray]
GRAY, Theodore H.Jan 5th, 1835Nov 21st, 1850Son of Wm. & M. E. Gray
GREENHOW, Delia M. Roberts
[Photo by S. Lincecum]
April 19, 1846May 30, 1879Wife of Geo. Greenhow; Daughter of G. B. & M. A. Roberts; She has done what she could to make the lives of all those around her brighter, better, and holier.
GRESHAM, Mrs. Catharine B.23d Aug 182421st Mar 1840In Memory of...Wife of John J. Gresham; The deceased was a member of the Methodist Church, and her life was a beautiful illustration of the doctrine [?]. Farewell. Be thy slumber sweet till we shall greet with a Heaven born kiss, on the portal of eternal bliss.
GRIER, Eliza T. Griswold---
GRIER, Frances M.Nov 27th, 1831Aug 24th, 1857Wife of E. G. Grier and Daughter of Washington & Selina S. Poe; Be ye also ready
GRIMES, J. M.--Co G 2 GA Bat
GRISWOLD, Elizabeth H.
[Photo by S. Lincecum]
-June 28, 1855Wife of E. C. Griswold; Daughter of Thos & Sarah Hardeman; Age 32; Sleep loved one, all of suffering over. Pain never can heave they breast, [?]
GROOVER, Martha NewtonJuly 21, 1902Jan 26, 1992Wife of Thomas Denmark Groover
GROOVER, Thomas DenmarkSavannah, Ga Oct 25, 1899July 22, 1977-
HALL, Annie Virgin18761949-
HALL, GlennApr 15, 1891Mar 6, 1904Son of Joe Hill & Ida T. Hall
HALL, Ida Young TutwilerNov 13, 1853Sept 28, 1943Wife of Joseph Hill Hall; "Her children rise up and call her blessed."
HALL, James A.18371869-
HALL, Joseph HillKnoxville, Crawford Co, Ga March 31, 1852Macon, Ga July 22, 1922"Write me as one that loves his fellow men."
HALL, Sarah GroveOct 7, 1886June 24, 1972Daughter of Joe Hill & Ida T. Hall
HALL, Willie AsheSept 11, 1884July 17, 1980Daughter of Joe Hill & Ida T. Hall
HARDEMAN, Nell CulpepperNov 3, 1886Dec 31, 1939Wife of R. U. Hardeman
HARDIE, George W.Aug 30, 1835Longbranch, N.J. Aug 30, 1864Married Mary Carr April 1864; An honest man, tender and brave, always abounding in charity and good works
HARPER, Eliza E. LewisSep 3, 1834Feb 7, 1892Daughter of John L. & Martha C. Lewis; Wife of James D. Harper
HELLER, Sarah Cecelia ValentinoMay 31, 1882August 13, 1947Beloved wife of Henry Benjamin Heller
HENDERSON, Loyola-May 5, 1905Wife of J. J. Henderson; Aged 61 years
HENRY, Donald Duffie18911898-
HENRY, G. L.-Apr 28, 1912Age 57 Yrs., At Rest
HERRING, JamesLunenburg County, Virginia March 22nd, 1790LaGrange, Georgia February 25th, 1855-
HERRING, Louise LeonoraApril 2nd, 1844Oct 8th, 1844Daughter of James & Mary T. Herring
HERRING, Mary Tate18031875Wife of James Herring; Daughter of Archibald & Virginia Stokes; Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
HESTER, Pauline ChapmanFeb 4, 1875Nov 18, 1957Wife of Stephen A. Hester
HICKS, Maybelle BandySept 10, 1874May 6, 1916Wife of J. R. Hicks, Jr.
HIGGISON, Amaryllis Pride HallDec 8, 1893May 27, 1984-
HILL, John R.Talbotton, Ga February 11, 1836Warren Co, Ga May 10, 1878My Husband
HILL, Virginia WinifredWarren Co, Ga December 13, 18[3?]4February 12, 1905Wife of John R. Hill
HILLARD, Edward RudolfMar 11, 1899Apr 10, 1961In Memory of...Interred in Atlanta, Ga
HILLARD, Groves CaldwellDec 7, 1920May 28, 1986In Memory of...Interred Mobile, Ala.
HILLARD, Mary K.Aug 18, 1897Nov 6, 1942Wife of E. R. Hillard, Mother of Groves & Stella
HINES, Carrie Merriwether--Wife of James Hines
HINES, Charlotte SettlesRichmond Co, VA March 8, 1814Macon, Ga May 8, 1882Wife of Treat Hines
[s/s Treat Hines]
HINES, James--Son of Treat & Charlotte Hines
HINES, TreatMilford, Conn. Dec 8, 1812Macon, Ga March 23, 1883Their bodies are buried in peace, but their name liveth forever.
[s/s Charlotte Settles Hines]
HOBBS, Horace HamiltonApril 6, 1916June 26, 1986"Hamp"; God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble. James IV:6
HOGE, Sol[4/27/1890]Aug 14, 1967US Army, WWI
HOLLINGSWORTH, Edgar R.-Aug 3, 19[37]Age 82
HOLLINGSWORTH, H. Bailey-May 29, 1890Aged 17 Years & 6 Months
HOLLINGSWORTH, JohnN.C. 1818Ga 1868-
HOLLINGSWORTH, Mariam A.-July 18, 1876Aged 44 Years & 10 Months
HOLLINGSWORTH, Mildred H.18271905Wife of John
Death Notice
HOLLINGSWORTH, Walter T.-June 15, 1887Aged 66 Years & 7 Months
HOLMES, IsaacJan 30th, 1812Dec 6th, 1846...was born in Sunbury, Liberty Co, Georgia. In his youth he moved to the city of Macon, where he resided, was beloved and honored until his decease. He served his country as first Sergeant of the Macon Volunteers in the Florida War, and as Commander of the Macon Guards, Georgia Regiment, in the Mexican War. He died in Camp, near Monterey, Mexico. The state of Georgia erects this monument in honor of his service to his country. The city and citizens of Macon, the Macon Volunteers and Masonic Fraternity uniting in testimonial. "My truth is in God, and to my Heavenly Father I commit my family."
Newspaper Article
HOLMES, John-Septr 26th, 1835Sacred to the memory of...who departed this the 27th year of his age.
HOLMES, Louisa J.Aug 17, 1815May 13, 1892Wife of Capt. Isaac Holmes; Just as I am, without one plea, but the blood was shed for me.
HOLT, Charity N. GrimesApril 13, 1813April 4, 1880A Memorial of...Wife of Pulaski S. Holt...In her 67th Year
[s/s Pulaski S. Holt]
HOLT, Florine R.May 20, 1839Sept 4, 1915Wife of T. G. Holt, Jr.
HOLT, Grimes N.July 23, 1843May 19, 1857"None knew him, but to love him."; Our Grimes, Son of Pulaski S. & Charity N. Holt
HOLT, Julia M.August 20, 1841May 10, 1852Daughter of Pulaski S. & Charity N. Holt, "How many fond hopes lie buried here."
HOLT, Miss Mary C.-1870Daughter of Fowler Holt, Aged 20
HOLT, Peyton C.April 1, 1833May 18, 1857Son of Pulaski S. & Lavinia Holt
HOLT, Pulaski S.April 18, 1829December 18, 1858Son of Pulaski S. & Lavinia Holt
[s/s Charity N. grimes Holt]
HOLT, W. FurlowApr 10, 1867July 5, 1893The pride of all our hopes. "Our Willie"
[s/s Leonidas Holt, MD]
HOLZENDORF, JohnSavannah, Ga Dec 25, 1799Macon, Ga April 7, 1875-
HOPKINS, Mrs. Elizabeth-20th February 1851Sacred to the Memory of Our Mother...consort of Benjamin B. Hopkins...Aged 78 Years, 10 months, & 11 days. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. Psalm 116th, 15th verse.
HUFFMAN, Mattie Holt18851975-
HUNT, Louisa GuttenbergerApril 24, 1842Dec 29, 1913Wife of Thomas J. Hunt
HUTTON, Blanche Elizabeth
[Photo by S. Lincecum]
Feb 5, 1856Oct 27, 1863Darling child of John S. & H. T. M. Hutton; "In the [?] bosom Our white lamb is folden, Blanche in Heaven is smiling in the sunshine golden! Blanche, sweet Blanche, will meet us by the portals pearly in the Golden City, where she soared so early."
INGRAHAM, EllenNov 15th, 1820Aug 20th, 1845Wife of J. S. Ingraham
IVERSON, Juliet A.1840June 20th, 1844-
JEMISON, Kate Lorine Boisfeuillet18501886-
JETER, L. Randolph18541896-
JETER, T. S.-Mar 4, 1907Age 86 Yrs
JOHNSON, Bessie AnnetteJuly 17, 1938July 17, 1938Infant of M. H. & Nettie Mae S. Johnson
JOHNSTON, Edwin J.18191879-
JOHNSTON, Madge SniderNov 22, 1856May 4, 1879My Wife; Wife of Walter T. Johnston; Oh happy ____ indeed dear one, For you whose cares are o'er; But so hard for those you left, To have you here no more.
JOHNSTON, Mary Annie Butler18371898-
JONES, Arabella O.January 8, 1830August 10, 1891Wife of John E. Jones
[s/s John E. Jones]
JONES, FlorenceNov 10, 1856Mar 23, 1884Daughter of J. E. & A. O. Jones; Patient in suffering and firm in faith, she has entered into the peace of God, which passeth understanding.
JONES, Jack F.Jul 22, 1912Sep 10, 1983Sgt US Army, WWII
JONES, JohnMarch 25th, 1796May 17th, 1857Aged 61 yrs, 2 mos, & 8 days; A devoted husband, an affectionate father, and kind friend.
JONES, John E.Oct 25, 1827May 2, 1891s/s Arabella O. Jones
JONES, Laura-Oct 5, 1855Daughter of J. E. & A. O. Jones; Age 6 y's, 3 mo
KAIGLER, Edwin Lee Jr.May 11, 1896Feb 8, 1917Although he sleeps, his memory doth live.
KAIN, Anne Jamison18831915-
KAIN, William SylvesterJuly 19, 1877Sept 2, 1913Husband of Anne K. Jemison
KEATING, DennisCounty Wexford, IrelandMacon, GaFather
KEATING, Dennis [A.] Jr.Savannah, GaMacon, Ga July 11, 1903-
KEATING, ElizabethSavannah, Ga Sept 5, 1856Macon, Ga Dec 24, 1936-
KEATING, JamesSavannah, GaMacon, Ga Nov 11, 1900-
KEATING, Mary DoyleCounty Wexford, IrelandMacon, GaMother
KEITH, George A.Dec 22, 1841Nov 7, 1919Pvt Co B 2 Battn Ga Inf, Confederate States Army
KENT, Floyd W.July 29, 1894Oct 7, 1925North Dakota, Wagoner, 155 Depot Brig.
KENT, MattieJuly 23, 1873Sept 17, 1891Wife of W. W. Kent
KERSH, Dorothy BlackmonAnadarko, Okla May 25, 1907Dalton, GA Oct 9, 1976Wife of Douglas R. Kersh
KERSH, Douglas RussellDaniel, Miss June 19, 1904Atlanta, GA Oct 9, 1993-
KING, Elmo E.Oct 12, 1906July 24, 1996-
KING, Margaret DriggarsFeb 28, 1909May 12, 1994Wife of Elmo E. King
KING, Wayne F.July 31, 1937Aug 2, 1949-
KIRBY, Martha M.
[Photo by S. Lincecum]
June 30, 1856March 7, 1862Eldest daughter of S. T. & E. A. Kirby; Not of Earth, but of Heaven
KNIGHT, Tommie Earle HumphriesJuly 6, 1890Oct 24, 1968Wife of T. P. Knight
LAMAR, Ann Irwin2nd of February 18088th of October 1832The Remains of; Wife of Dr. Thomas Lamar; She was a member of the Baptist Church, and died with faith unshaken in the mercy of God.
LAMAR, Benjaman Jones-June 11, 1834Aged 4 mos. Child of [?] & R. Lamar
LAMAR, Mrs. Eliza B.-January 4, 1873Aged 69 Years; "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."
LAMAR, Eliza W.Sept 10, 1818Feb 3rd, 1851In Memory of; Wife of Dr. Thomas R. Lamar
LAMAR, Fannie L. Cubbedge18671909Wife of R. N. Lamar; Daughter of R. W. & A. M. Cubbedge
LAMAR, Harriet Ann Rebecca-6 April 1834The Remains of; Daughter of Dr. Thomas R. & Nancy J. Lamar; Aged 2 Years
LAMAR, Henrietta Dean Holt-Oct 27, 1903Wife of L. Q. C. Lamar, Aged 76 Years
LAMAR, Thomas B. J.Sept 1832Jany 1853A member of the Senior class of the University of Georgia, and greatly beloved by his fellow students.
LAMAR, Dr. Thomas R.[?], Geo. March 16th, 1800Macon April 18th, 1858Sacred to the Memory of
LASCH, William GeorgeSept 24, 1893April 19, 1918Killed in service as Lt. 8th Field Artillery; I know that my Redeemer liveth.
LAWTON, Edwin WarrenFeb 12, 1871Sept 4, 1875Son of R. F. & E. S. Lawton
LAWTON, Elizabeth S.-Mar 12, 1871Beloved wife of R. F. Lawton; Aged 23 Yrs, 10 mos & 26 days
LAWTON, Josiah McLeod-Feb 13, 1869Aged 9 mos & 11 days
[s/s R. F. Lawton, Jr.]
LAWTON, MinnieAug 23, 1877April 21, 1890Our Beloved; Daughter of W. J. & Sarah M. Lawton; After life's fitful fever, she sleeps well.
LAWTON, R. F. Jr.-Feb 11, 1869Aged 3 Yrs & 26 days
[s/s Josiah McLeod Lawton]
LAWTON, Robert SeabrookNov 7, 1874June 8, 1875Son of R. F. & C. W. Lawton
LAWTON, Winborn JosephBeaufort Dist, South Carolina Sept 30, 1817Macon, GA Sept 6, 1884My Husband; Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
LEWIS, Juliet G. Collins-Feb 2, 1873Wife of R. B. Lewis; Aged 32
[s/s Dr. Robert Collins, Mary Collins, Mattie Collins, Robt. Collins, Jr.]
LEWIS, Martha C. SmithFeb 10, 1813Aug 27, 1884Daughter of James & Eliza Smith; Asleep in Jesus
LOWE, Matilda Hutchings18051879Daughter of Robert & Drucilla Bonner Hutchings
LUNDY, Lucius Robert-Nov 24, 1884Son of Wm. & Julia Lundy, Aged 26
LUNDY, Walter Aubrey Sr.19021972Son of Bright W. & Iva Spillers Lundy, Buried at Cairo, Ga
LUNDY, WilliamMar 27, 1824Oct 2, 1902Aged 78
M., M. B.--[infant]
MACARTHY, A. G.-June 21, 1871Age 23 Yrs. In after time we'll meet him.
MACARTHY, W. H.-Nov 30, 1863C[onfederate] S[oldier]. Killed at Culpepper C. H., Va. Age 20 Yrs. In memory of our dear brother.
MARSHALL, Emma F. MansonJan 29, 1848July 23, 1926Wife of J. S. C. Marshall
MARSHALL, Gladys Parker BurnsMar 12, 1913May 5, 1988Wife of B. Willingham Marshall
MARKS, Carter SchaeferJuly 5, 1888July 3, 1974Wife of John William Marks
MARKS, John WilliamMar 21, 1889Feb 22, 1938Capt Co N - 22nd Engrs 1918-1919
MARTIN, Annie AgnisJan 26, 1836Jan 20, 1922Always Helping Others
MARTIN, Mrs. Eliza J.March 18th, 1803Feb'y 9th, 1856Wife of John Martin, late of Macon. Aged 52 years, 10 mo's, & 21 days. A tribute of affection to her memory by her surviving children.
MARTIN, Elizabeth Leona GriffinJune 1, 1840May 10, 1842Daughter of John & Elizabeth Martin
MARTIN, JohnApr 10, 1791Apr 10, 1842Sacred to the Memory of; A native of Rockingham County, North Carolina, For 25 years a citizen of Georgia
MASSEY, William H.--Co F, 1 GA Inf, Sp Am War
MAXWELL, Mary Manfredon[ia]August 11, 1822April 9, 1842In Memory of...Wife of William L. Maxwell and Daughter of Thomas T. & Rebecca L. Napier; Lovely in life, lovely in death. Her pure spirit early found its rest, but her memory will long live in the hearts of many devoted relatives and friends.
[MCAFEE], Howell EugeneMacon, Ga April [3], 1878___ville, Ga April 27, 1880Another precious treasure in Heaven; Son of Howell & Mattie W. [McAfee]
MCCAW, Dellie RogersFeby 21, 1873Aug 15, 1955Wife of James N. McCaw
MCCAW, Mary LamarSept 28, 1842Feby 25, 1920Wife of James A. McCaw
MCCOOK, Daniel OscarApr 8, 1892June 6, 1961Georgia, PFC Sup Co 61 Coast Arty, WWI
MCCORD, Rose CrutchfieldMar 28, 1888Jan 13, 1961Wife of R. A. McCord
MCGEE, Leo EarlSept 24, 1910July 19, 1937Son of J. S. & L. K. McGee
MCGREGOR, Alxr.Anson County, North Carolina Nov 7th, 1790Sept 9th, 1856Age 65 yrs & 10 months; There is hope in his death. I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness. Psalm XVII, 15 vr. A tribute of greatful and affectionate remembrance, from his Wife and Children.
MCKINNON, Anne Westcoat17971873-
MCLAUGHLIN, Edwin E. Jr.June 17, 1919Sept 3, 1950Georgia; Sgt 9 Inf 2 Inf Div; WWII, Korea; B5M - 2 PH
MCLEOD, Daniel ClarkNew York April 11, 1810Pensacola Navy Yard Septr 1, 1852Surgeon U. S. N.; by A. M.
MCLEOD, Isabella-August 9th, 1852Daughter of Hugh & Rebecca J. Mcleod; Aged 20 months
MELROSE, ChristianaNew York July 26th, 1812Feb 9th, 1873My Wife; Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Matt 5 Ch 8 Verse
MELROSE, William___yrshire, Scotland 1803Septr 1854-
MILLER, Willie-Dec 25, 1899Infant daughter of James F. & Sallie A. Miller
MIMS, Birdie Brown18741921-
MIMS, John Wesley18711929-
MITCHELL, Annie D. SniderMarch 10, 1864May 22, 1885Wife of A. C. Mitchell, Jr.; Daughters of the American Revolution
MITCHELL, Chloe BartlettJanuary 11, 1844June 6, 1905Wife of Captain Shatteen Mitchell; Capt. Mitchell was slain in battle Sept 19, 1864 and rests with the unknown at Winchester, VA. "The righteous are in everlasting remembrance."
[Death Notice; Funeral Notice]
MOLTON, Charles JacksonFeb 22, 1881Sept 13, 1934His monument lies in the hearts of those who loved him.
MOLTON, Martha ElizabethFeb 24, 1917Dec 3, 1918Daughter of C. J. & Sarah E. Molton
MOLTON, Sarah NewberryAug 5, 1885Aug 21, 1968Wife of Charles J. Molton
MOORE, Mary [Eliza]Feb 20, 1824Sept 8, 1853Wife of James F. Moore; M.E.M.; To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die. Erected by her son.
[s/s Mary Tallula Moore; Reference:]
MOORE, Mary Tallula--Aged 3 Yrs
[s/s Mary Eliza Moore]
MORRIS, Georgia MercierFort Gains, GaMacon, Ga July 22, 1909Wife of Charlton M. Morris
MOSELEY, Charles William18601939-
MOSELEY, Elizabeth Beckwith18631938-
MOSS, Anne Margaret CubbedgeMay 28, 1898Apr 3, 1991-
MUNROE, Martha RowenaApr 16, 1829Feb 5, 1850Daughter of Nathan C. & T. E. Munroe
MUNROE, Mary Josephine-Oct 4th, 1835Daughter of Nathan C. & T. E. Munroe; Age 15 mos; "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."
MUNROE, NathanHeasick, Rensselaer County, New York December 1st, 1772the resident of his son, Nathan C. Munroe, of Vineville, near Macon, Georgia April 24th, 1855in the 83rd year of his age; Through a long life, he fulfilled the relations of a virtuous and useful citizen and a faithful husband and father. [?] Surrounded by attached relatives [?] and triumphed over death [?]
MUNROE, Nathan CampbellDec 29, 1846Nov 26, 1904-
MUNROE, Tabitha E. Napier
[Photo by S. Lincecum]
Oct 19th, 1812August 4th, 1858Another Treasure in Heaven, My Angel Wife...For thirty years the faithful and beloved wife of Nathan C. Munroe; Married June 5th, 1828; Her children arise up and call her blessed; "Rest in peace thou sainted spirit...[?]"
MURROW, Hattie C.Jan 19, 1884May 15, 1970[s/s Gordon P. Murrow]
NAGEL, Louise ElleanorDec 23, 1826June 21, 1915Mother; Bury me at Rose Hill beneath a shady tree where my friends may sometime come, and often think of me. In that secluded spot, where angels wings may touch them, and they know it not.
NAPIER, Hendley Varner IIIFebruary 1, 1919May 9, 1997A great-grandson of Simri Rose, for whom this Rose Hill Cemetery is named. Practiced law in Macon for more than 50 years. President of the Macon Bar Association, 1962 and 1963. Lawyer of the Year in 1976. President of the Georgia Defense Lawyers, 1993-1994. Governor of the Macon Moose Lodge, 1954-1955. Deputy Supreme Governor, Loyal Order of Moose for Georgia and Alabama, 1955-1956. Served as president of: Bons Hommes (founding), 1949; Macon Jr. Chamber of Commerce, 1946; Kappa Alpha Order Alumni, 1961; Exchange Club of Bibb County, 1969; St. Paul's Apartments (charter), 1971-1993; St. Paul's Village, 1983-1993; Friends of the Cannonball House, 1987-1994; Grand Juror's Association, 1989. Commander and charter member, Sons of Confederate Veterans, General Edward Door Tracy, Jr. Camp #1410, 1985-1986. Chancellor, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 1965-1997. Deputey to the Chief, Clan Napier in North America. "He wasn't just a gentleman, he was a gentle man...he had a good heart about him."
NAPIER, Ida PageMacon, GA Oct 2, 1883Nov 20, 1907Daughter of H. V. & V. A. Napier
NAPIER, John Powell BlackmonMacon County, Ala Oct 3, 1874Elreno, Okla Oct 10, 1907Son of H. V. & V. A. Napier
NAPIER, Thomas Leroy Jr.June 22, 1833Sept 5, 1869Graduated U.S. Military Academy at west Point, New York, 1858. Served as Captain of the Napier (Macon) Artillery during the War Between the States. Lt. Col. Napier was Commander of the 8th Georgia Battalion of Volunteers. Headquarters' Gist's Brigade Battle of Chickamauga, GA, Sept 20, 1863
NAPIER, Viola Felton RossFeb 14, 1881June 27, 1962Wife of Hendley V. Napier, Jr.; Georgia's First: Lady Legislator, House of Representatives, 1922-1925; Lady Attorney to Argue Case Before Georgia Supreme Court, 1922 and Georgia Court of Appeals, 2-14-22; Lady Clerk, City of Macon, 1927-1954. Georgia Women of Achievement, Wesleyan College, 1993
NAPIER, Virginia Anastasia Blackmon[Chunnenuggee?], Ala Oct 9, 1846Macon, GA Jan 16, 1908Daughter of Homer Blackmon; Wife of Hendley Varner Napier
NEWTON, Edith CampbellDec 13, 1899Apr 4, 1977Wife of Charles Edward Newton, Jr.
NEWTON, Elizabeth Brown18731950Wife of Charles Edward Newton
NEWTON, Helen MullinoJan 19, 1900July 8, 1991Wife of Russell Brown Newton
NEWTON, Victoria LaneAug 12, 1867Nov 30, 1947Wife of Arthur Richards Newton
NISBET, Sarah Tabitha KellMar 1, 1871Dec 3, 1959Wife of Junius Wingfield Nisbet
NORMAN, Sarah-Macon 3d Dec 1855Sacred to the Memory the 81 year of her age; Her children rise up and call her blessed
NORTH, Henry Martin18551920-
NYHAM, Blanche E.-Sept 16, 1941-
NYHAM, John T.-Sept 10, 1941-
OATTIS, Louise Elizabeth RileyOct 26, 1882Sept 17, 1925Wife of Nat G. Oattis
O'HANLON, Catherine J.July 13, 1819October 3, 1903The sweet remembrance of the just shall flourish though they sleep in dust.
OLIVER, Sarah M. ScarbroughDec 16, 1833Dec 7, 1903Wife of Henry E. Oliver; "He giveth his beloved sleep."
ORR, Nannie A. OliverJune 4, 1853Nov 6, 1920Wife of Andrew J. Orr
OUZTS, Annie Claire WillisJan 1, 1903Sept 2, 1984Wife of M. E. Ouzts
OUZTS, Cornelia F. JohnsonNov 30, 1885July 10, 1925Wife of M. E. Ouzts
PALMER, MaryFeb 6, 1833Sept 18, 1858Wife of Saml B. Palmer
PALMER, Mary L.-March 10, 1875Aged 16 yrs, 8 ms, 20 ds; When she died on Earth, she was born in Heaven.
PARKER, Lula BensonMacon, Ga Oct 17, 1875Atlanta, Ga Dec 7, 1964-
PARKER, Nelson HuntleyIvoryton, Conn Jan 15, 1868Atlanta, Ga June 2, 1944Father
PARKER, William B.Camden, S.C. Sep 3, 1798June 30, 1873-
PEPPER, Daniel B.26th March, 1791Macon 19th Novr, 1847-
PETTERSON, Sophjenlife18731967Sister Sophi; Deaconess, 1906-1967
PHELPS, John H.October 2nd, 1811November 6th, 1845Sacred to the Memory of...a native of Fainfort[?], Ga
PITT, Mrs. Louisiana G.-28th Jany 1841Sacred to the Memory of...who departed this life...In the 38th year of her age. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."
PLANE, Caroline Helen JemisonTuscaloosa, Ala Mar 10, 1829Apr 23, 1925In Memory of...1st President, Georgia Division, United Daughter of the Confederacy, Organized November 8, 1895, Atlanta, Georgia; Erected by Georgia Division, UDC, 1947; Wife of Captain William F. Plane C.S.A.
[s/s Captain William F. Plane C.S.A.]
PLANE, Elizabeth MetcalfeAugust 5, 1864December 19, 1947Wife of William F. Plane
PLANE, Rebecca-January 13, 1860Little Rebecca, The Darling Child of W. F. & C. H. Plane; Aged 18 Months; Our Baby, "The Lamb we weep."
PLANE, Captain William F.Charleston, S.C. Feb 1828Sharpsburg, MD Sep 17, 1862C.S.A.; Fell in battle
[s/s Caroline Helen Jemison Plane]
PLYLER, Mary Luvenea-Dec 11, 1850In Memory of; Age 4 Y's, 5 mos; Shed not for her the bitter tear, Or give the heart to rain regret. Tis but the casket that lies here. The Gem that filled it sparkles yet.
POE, George Robert-Dec 13, 1845Sacred in the Memory of; Son of Washington & Selina S. Poe; Age 11 y's, 9 mos & 6 d'ys
[stone maker - J. Ritter: N. Haven, Ct]
POE, Lina-April 21st, 1856Daughter of Washington & Selina S. Poe; Age 1 year, 6 mo's & 17days
POE, Selina Shirley NormanJuly 16, 1812Jan 6, 1897Wife of Washington Poe
POE, WashingtonJuly 13, 1800Oct 1, 1876A lawyer of marked ability and one of Macon's first mayors and distinguished citizens
Newspaper Article
POLK, George ClarenceSept 26, 1893Feb 14, 1963Sgt 11th Eng WWI
PORTER, Annie Eva Holmes-May 20, 1920Wife of Samuel A. Porter
PORTER, Mabel M.May 3, 1886Jul 22, 1975Wife of George P. Porter
RANSOM, J. H.18411905-
REYNOLDS, Lula ChapmanJuly 25, 1876Oct 19, 1946-
RICHARDS, A. F.18291856Brother
RICHARDS, I. C.18031871Mother; Peaceful she sleeps. Good Mother.
RICHARDS, I. H.18381855Sister
RIES, Annie Cook18641932Wife of F. C. Ries
RIES, Frederick C.18531918Mason
ROBERTS, Elizabeth Chave
[Photo by S. Lincecum]
Feb 9, 1821June 22, 1894Wife of G. B. Roberts
[s/s Gabriel B. Roberts]
ROBERTS, Gabriel B.
[Photo by S. Lincecum]
Feb 8, 1816Feb 14, 1886I am the resurrection and the life
[s/s Elizabeth Chave Roberts]
[Photo by S. Lincecum]
Jany 10th, 1816Oct 20th, 1864Wife of G. B. Roberts
ROBERTS, Mary Evelyn-1845An only child; Age 1 yr, 11 mo, & 15 dys
ROBERTSON, Mary Wingfield NisbetJan 6, 1896Aug 16, 1975Wife of Thomas H. Robertson
RODGERS, BerryJan 29th, 1800In the city of Macon May 8th, 1866A native of South Carolina; Erected to his memory by his affectionate wife.
[Stone maker - T. B. Artope, Macon, Ga]
RODGERS, Jane MercierWilkes Co, Ga April 15, 1801Macon, Ga May 10, 1871Wife of Berry Rodgers; Married Dec 23, 1830; Died in the communion of the Methodist Church of which she had been a consistant and useful member from her youth up.
[Stone maker - T. B. Artope]
RODGERS, William S. C.In the city of Macon, Ga Nov 18th, 1835May 8, 1862Son of Berry Rodgers; Fell at the Battle of McDowell, Western Virginia, where his remains now repose.
ROGERS, Dellie CarverAug 18, 1841Mar 8, 1904Wife of William R. Rogers
ROGERS, Elizabeth LaviniaMcIntosh Co, Ga Sept 16, 1807Macon, Ga July 19, 1883Mother; Wife of George T. Rogers
ROGERS, Geo. Tyler18381891-
ROGERS, Geo. Tyler Jr.18761880-
ROGERS, George T.Norwich, Conn December 3, 1799Macon, Ga July 15, 1869Father
ROGERS, Marion18781900-
ROGERS, Mary Louisa18481921Wife of Geo. Tyler Rogers
ROSE, Mattie Warren KirbySept 25, 1870Apr 13, 1940Wife of John Edwin Rose
ROSS, George James
[Photo by S. Lincecum]
June 22, 1847Aug 16, 1853Son of George W. & Martha J. Ross; The spoiler set his seal of silence, but there beamed a smile, so fixed and Holy from that marble brow -- Death gazed and left it there -- He dared not steal the signet ring of Heaven.
ROUNTREE, Carrie WestcottDec 26, 1859May 6, 1918Wife of J. W. Rountree
ROWE, Edward-1874-
RUTLAND, Reddick-Waynesboro, Burke Co, GA May 29th, 1840Aged 65 Years; Worthy citizen and [?]; Erected by his nephew, Berry Rodgers
RYLANDER, Ann-June 16th, 1838Sacred to the Memory of...Late consort of M. E. Rylander; Aged 30 Years; Full of strong faith in a glorious immortality, She was a kind neighbour, an affectionate wife, and a faithful Christian. A bereaved husband and tender infant are left to mourn her loss, yet they mourn not as those who have no hope. Weep not, her work was finished...
RYLANDER, Caroline Fort-June 3rd, 1853Daughter of M. E. & S. C. Rylander; Aged 10 Years & 3 months
RYLE, Emma F.Oct 27, 1869July 1, 1940Wife of W. F. Ryle; Yet tho thy smile be lost to sight, to memory thou art dear.
SALTER, Charlotte E. Adams-Aug 18, 1875Wife of B. A. Salter, Aged 20 Yrs., Asleep in Jesus
SANDERSON, Mattie A.-March 1, 1883Daughter of Elijah & Sophia Bond
SASNETT, CharliePerry, Ga Aug 25, 1881Geneva, Ga July 2, 1883Son of Rev. B. H. & Mrs. Mamie B. Sasnett; We shall meet again.
SAULSBURY, Elmina ChairesMay 7, 1829Nov 5, 1900Wife of Edwin Saulsbury
SAULSBURY, Eva May-1862Aged 5 years
[s/s Leila C. Saulsbury]
SAULSBURY, Leila C.-1870Aged 18 years
[s/s Eva May Saulsbury]
SAULSBURY, Ophelia NisbetJuly 28, 1859July 2, 1881Wife of Robt. S. Saulsbury
SCARBOROUGH, Dora LeonardApr 16, 1874Aug 2, 1951Wife of J. Anderson Scarborough
SCARBOROUGH, James A.May 25, 1901March 27, 1955Georgia, S1 USNR, WWII
SCATTERGOOD, AmandaSept 25, 1815Nov 3, 1862My Wife; "I have tried to do my duty. I am not afraid to die."
SCATTERGOOD, George W.Holmesburg, Penn. 1811Macon, Ga 1874He lived the life of an honest man.
SCHAEFER, Mary Carter FearsSept 5, 1855April 7, 1920Wife of Edward Schaefer
SCHAEFER, William CrawfordMay 29, 1899June 10, 1900Son of Mary & Edward Schaefer
SCOTT, Caroline Augusta
[Photo by S. Lincecum]
Macon, Georgia September 25, 1840Macon July 27, 1868She is not dead, but sleepeth; Daughter of Isaac & Caroline Scott; Erected by her fond mother in memory to an affectionate daughter. We are parted in this life, but hope to meet in a happy eternity; where there is no more parting, sorrow or tears. "Blessed are they who die in the Lord, for they rest from their labors."
SCOTT, Caroline Paul18121882Wife of Isaac Scott
SCOTT, IsaacJasper Co, Georgia 20th January 1810New York 13th December 1867-
SCOTT, Josephine Hamilton
[Photo by S. Lincecum]
[?] 1852[?] 1854-
SCOTT, Margaret W.18181846-
SCOTT, WilliamAugust 1795Feby 21, 1851Short death and darkness, endless life and light. Short dimming, endless shining in yon sphere. Where all is incorruptible and pure. The joy without the pain, the smile without the tear.
SHACKELFORD, Jane P.-Jany 26th, 1841In Memory of; A member of the Junior Class in the Georgia Female College who departed this the 15th year of her age. Never was there a happier [commingling?] of all the virtues that adorn the female character, then was to be found in the early victim of the grave. In childhood's hour she had been taught the precepts of the adorable Saviour, and in after life she exemplified in her meek and pious deportment, that those devine precepts had been deeply engraven upon her heart by the Spirit of God. Though sudden was the call, yet was she prepared through the merits of her Redeemer, to enter upon the realition of the Heavenly World. This humble tribute is from one, who would ill become to utter flattery or praise, but who can calculate the measure of that pang, which strikes the parents hear upon the loss of such a child. Whither shall he go for comfort. Let him look up and say, "Thy will, O, God, be done."
SHEALY, Mary E. RobinsonAug 19, 1861Mar 10, 1964Wife of John W. Shealy; Miss Molly
SHERRILL, Elisha G.Dec 14, 1920May 15, 19821st Lt US Army, WWII
SHERWOOD, [Asa Fairchild]18131868[Reference:]
SHERWOOD, Charles E.18581868-
SHERWOOD, Martha Ernest18221888Wife of [Asa Fairchild] Sherwood
SHINHOLSER, Alice DillardMay 18, 1876Aug 14, 1922Wife of John Winn Shinholser
SHINHOLSER, Amanda R.Nov 2, 1818Nov 17, 1898Wife of T. J. Shinholser
SHINHOLSER, Clifford W. HeywoodSept 25, 1855Mar 2, 1936Wife of Joseph H. Shinholser
SHINHOLSER, Delia FulfordSept 14, 1882Oct 11, 1968Wife of W. J. Shinholser
SHINHOLSER, George Olin-Oct 5, 1876Aged 19 Years, 7 months
SHINHOLSER, John WinnDec 1867July 1945-
SHINHOLSER, Leila E.-Oct 3, 1869Aged 15 years, 2 mos & 5 days
SHINHOLSER, Martha Ann-15 April 1840To the Memory of; Wife of T. J. Shinholser; Blessed are they who die in the Lord.
SIMS, Mary Scandrett Persons-1972Loved wife of Ben S. Persons, D.C.H. and Leonard H. Sims, Brig Gen U.S.A.
SIRES, Carrie M. DriggarsMay 11, 1863Jan 16, 1925Wife of J. E. Sires
SIRES, Daniel HenryJan 29, 1902May 11, 1902-
SIRES, James EvansJune 2, 1873May 13, 1935[Mason Symbol], BLE 210
SKARIE, Harry V.Dec 11, 1888Mar 31, 1974Iowa, Sgt US Army, WWI
SKARIE, Louise (Ernest)Mar 27, 1895July 4, 1980-
SMITH, Adele Marie DalyDec 14, 1886Jan 20, 1972Wife of Benjamin C. Smith IV
SMITH, Archibald J.Feb 25, 1828Dec 16, 1892I know in whom I have believed.
SMITH, Catharine A.Aug 30, 1826May 24, 1851Consort of Robert A. Smith; She lived a Christian life, and died the death of the righteous.
SMITH, Eliza ClevelandJune 3, 1792March 11, 1879Wife of James Smith
SMITH, Lora BensonFeb 27, 1893-[s/s Phillip John Smith]
SMITH, Margaret PlaterFeb 26, 1856May 13, 1902Wife of Ben C. Smith
SMITH, Marion Rose NapierMarch 6, 1911February 23, 1999Wife of Robert M. Smith
SMITH, RobertM__rayshire, Scotland June 30, 1827Sept 21, 1863-
SMITH, Col. Robert A.
[Photo by S. Lincecum]
-June 26th, 186244th Regt. Georgia Volunteers; Fell while leading his command in a charge on the emnemies works at Ellisons Mills, near Richmond, the 37th year of his age. A gentleman soldier, and a Christian. Bravely he fought and well; And with feet to foe and face to sun, Where the battle was fought, and the victory won, the Christian warrior fell.
SMITH, William G.14th March AD 181725 Septr 1846This monument is a tribute of the esteem of some of his friends, who live to remember his many virtues and mourn his untimely end.
SNIDER, Helen--Little Daughter of James I. & Eliza R. Snider; Aged 18 months & 8 days
SNIDER, James I.Savannah, July 20, 1830Macon, Feb 4, 1869"Rest, happy spirit, rest! Life's fitful fever o'er; Our circle numbers one the less, and Heaven one seraph more."
STEWART, Frank D.18521905-
STONE, Undine Driggars18831962Wife of Claude H. Stone
STROEMBER, H. R.18401923-
STROEMEN, [?] McLaughlin18401921Wife of R. Stroemen
STROHECKER, Edward A.Dec 25, 1876Jan 15, 1941-
SWEET, Mary V.18461913-
SWEET, S. S.18361895-
SWEET, Thomas O.-Sept 15, 1871Aged 5 Yrs, 8 mo; Child of Rev. S. S. & M. V. Sweet; "He hath taken them to the upper fold."
[s/s Walter F. Sweet]
SWEET, Walter F.-May 19, 1868Aged 10 mo; Child of Rev. S. S. & M. V. Sweet; "He hath taken them to the upper fold."
[s/s Thomas O. Sweet]
TAYLOR, Caroline18411841-
TAYLOR, Ella T. LundyFeb 16, 1848Jan 11, 1927Wife of Eden Taylor, Sr.
TAYLOR, JamesJuly 24, 1789--
TAYLOR, Mary R.Dec 5, 1798Nov 13, 1865Wife of James Taylor
TAYLOR, Sarah RachaelFeb 19, 1825Jan 8, 1898Wife of William Taylor
TAYLOR, WilliamSept 7, 1818 Gibralter, Eng.-Son of James & Mary Taylor
THOMAS, William B.-May 2, 1854Aged 55 Years; "As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness, I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness."
THOMSON, Carrye Mae KitchensMar 15, 1877Jan 13, 1908Thy will be done.
THURMOND, PhilipJune 8th, 1764 Albemarle County, VirginiaJune 9, 1844A resident of South Carolina, and in 1814 a resident in Georgia
TODD, Anne Innis18791881-
TODD, Mary M.18211897Rest, rest. O Death, I reach my hands to thee, sweet Angel of release. Pass but thy wand across my brow, it will bring me rest & peace.
TOMPKINS, GilbertAug 10, 1863May 2, 1930-
TOMPKINS, JohnDec 7th, 1793Nov 13th, 1848-
TOWNSHEND, Grace W.18611889-
TREADWELL, Henry BassAug 2, 1830May 28, 1902Chaplain 10 GA Batt, Confederate States Army
TREADWELL, Martha Ann HolmesMay 29, 1830Sept 6, 1915Wife of Henry Bass Treadwell
TURNER, John Persons Jr.Jan 26, 1895Feb 14, 1983-
VALENTINO, Mary A. MooreFeb 6, 1857July 25, 1919Our Beloved Mother; Wife of John C. Valentino; Aged 63 Yrs
VAN GIESEN, Alexander H.-Nov 26th, 1860Our Baby...Infant son of Uriah & E. T. Van Giesen
VIGAL, Joseph CliftonJan 8, 1903Jan 3, 1944Captain U. S. Air Corp
VIGAL, Morgie FlandersJune 23, 1873August 15, 1934Wife of Clifton L. Vigal
WAGNER, Ella LumpkinJan 1, 1859Jan 23, 1930-
WALKER, Clara Bates FisherMarch 22, 1854December 10, 1929Wife of Samuel Walker of Milledgeville, Georgia
WALLACE, Louise18921966-
WALLACE, Mary Herring18611953-
WALLACE, Samuel Wilson18501917-
WASHINGTON, Alberta Lamar
[Photo by S. Lincecum]
March 3, 1865March 22, 1887Wife of W. H. Washington
WASHINGTON, Charles W.-March 1st, 1833In Memory of...Who was drowned in Walnut Creek...In the 31st year of his age. In the full vigor of a useful life.
WASHINGTON, Hugh VernonWashington Place, Macon, GA Apr 2, 1861Washington Place, Macon, GA Oct 5, 1911Patriot, Scholar, Humanitarian. Just, Generous, Gentle and Honourable. His life was a record of duty nobly done. "He that goeth forth bearing precious seed, shall come again, with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him." Peace, he is not dead, he doth nor sleep. He hath awakened from the dream of life, he has outsoared the shadows of our night, and that unrest, which men miscall delight, can touch him not, and torture not again. From the contagion of the world's slow stain he is secure: made one with nature, gathered to the kings of thought. The many change and pass, the one remains. The splendors of the firmament of time may be eclipsed, but are extinguished not, as stars to their appointed places climb, and death is but a mist, that cannot blot the brightness it may veil. Earth's shadows fly. Heaven's light forever shines -- the white radiance of eternity. "Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart." Life, Love, Labour, up to life's last height. These three, were stars unsetting in his sight. "I am the resurrection."
WASHINGTON, James H. R.Wilkes County, GA July 19, 1809Macon, GA Nov 21, 1866In Memoriam; Mayor of Milledgeville, 1844. Mayor of Macon, 1851. Banker, Planter, Legislator. He fulfilled every duty with courage and fidelity. "Let my soul live, and it shall praise thee." Sons: Samuel Hammond, James Henry, LeRoy Hammond, Robert Porter, Hugh Vernon. Daughters: Ellen Clayton, Mary Elizabeth, Annie Tefft. "The righteous, and the wise, and their works, are in the hand of God." [Washington Memorial Library stands on the site of the Washington home.]
WASHINGTON, James HenryNov 9, 1838-Quartermaster 2nd Ga Regt, 1863. Postmaster of Macon, 1865. Brave and true. Punctual in integrity. Firm in honour. Constant in friendship. In defense of a slave-boy, he was the victim of a ruffian. "Defend the fatherless, do justice to the afflicted, and ye shall hath kept thy precepts, and all my ways are before thee."
WASHINGTON, James Samuel18671925-
WASHINGTON, LeRoy HammondNov 28, 1843Feb 2, 1888Resigned from U.S. Navy 1861. Served in Ga Navy in defense of Savannah 1861; and in the Confederate Navy on the Jackson, in the Battle of New Orleans, 1862. Private, Macon Light Artillery, 1862 to 1865. Wrapt each soul in the deeds of its deathless endeavor.
WASHINGTON, Mary A. HammondSt. Louis, Mo May 12, 1816Macon, GA Nov 2, 1901REAL Daughter; Founder of the society of the Daughter of the American Revolution in Georgia. Her life was the expression of herself, all that was noble and beautiful and true in womanhood. Faith that withstood the shocks of toil and time, Hope that defied despair. Patience that conquered care, and loyalty whose courage was sublime.
WASHINGTON, Mary ElizabethDec 2, 1845May 31, 1856Breathe soft and low, o whispering wind, above the tangled grasses deep, where those we loved so long ago, forgot the world and fell asleep.
WASHINGTON, Robert Beverly17991874Pioneer citizen. A founder, and for 60 years a devout member of the M. E. Church in Macon, GA. This stone is placed by his neice, E. C. W., 1912
WASHINGTON, Samuel HammondNov 21, 1836Nov 21, 1876Lieutenant Company F, 3rd Georgia Infantry, Confederate States Army. Sleep on brave heart, no troublous morn shall come. No bugle, reveille, no beat of drum. No fifes shrill note shall call your weary feet. No wintry storm to face, no scorching heat. After the battle peace.
WEIR, Jessie Gilmore18741933-
WEIR, Thea Elizabeth19001954-
WELSMAN, Caroline Matilda24th September 18298th July 1854Wife of James T. Welsman; Daughter of Leroy Napier; "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."
WESTCOTT, Annie E. GordonDec 23, 1829Jan 2, 1911Wife of Henry P. Westcott
WHITEHEAD, Edward S.Apr 2, 1899Nov 24, 1940Georgia, Corp 151 M G Bn 42 Div
WHITESIDE, Elizabeth Ann DriggarsFeb 7, 1841Feb 9, 1875Wife of Jas. A. Whiteside
WHITESIDE, John DanielDec 11, 1873Nov 7, 1874Son of Jas. A. & E. A. Whiteside
WILEY, AnnMecklenburg, NC February 16, 1774Rome, Geo February 1, 1858In Memory of
WILEY, Ann C.Nov 12, 1816Oct 16, 1891Born in Putnam Co, Ga; Blessed are the pure in heart
WILEY, Anne LouiseNovember 1871July 1873Daughter of Charles M. & Sarah J. Wiley
WILEY, Charles M.18411927Macon Volunteers, Co B 2nd Ga Bat, Adjt 44th Ga Reg, C. S. A.
WILEY, David L.Macon, Ga Jan 8, 1840April 7, 1859-
WILEY, FlorenceMarch 1880June 1881Daughter of Charles M. & Sarah J. Wiley
WILEY, Dr. Jack B.Nov 21, 1803June 22, 1861Born in Hancock Co, Ga; Blessed are the pure in heart
WILEY, Judith GambrellJune 13, 1880October 14, 1955Wife of Sidney R. Wiley; U. S. Army Nurse Corps, WWI
WILEY, JulietNovember 1873December 1874Daughter of Charles M. & Sarah J. Wiley
WILEY, Laird HarrisBaldwin County, Geo November 21, 1803New York September 4, 1852In Memory of
WILEY, Sarah Juliette Reid18441907Wife of Charles M. Wiley
WILEY, Sidney ReidMarch 1868September 1902Macon Volunteers, Co F First GA U. S. Vol Inf, Capt A Co Third U. S. Vol Inf, Ray's Immunes, U. S. A., Spanish - American War
WILHOIT, RalphJan 13, 1908Jan 20, 1908Son of W. E. & G. L. Wilhoit
WILHOIT, Wirt HowrenWarrenton, Ga March 22, 1889Atlanta, Ga December 29, 1908Woodmen of the World Memorial; Son of W. F. & G. L. Wilhoit; Age 19 Yrs, 9 mon & 7 days
WILHOIT, Virginia LesterJune 1, 1869May 17, 1944-
WILHOIT, William FranklinSept 16, 1865Oct 26, 1931-
WILKES, Homer G.June 18, 1896Oct 7, 1973Georgia, Y2 US Navy, WWI
WILKES, Homer G. Jr.May 14, 1925July 13, 1973Georgia, Sgt US Navy, WWII
WILKES, Jeannie CarolineDec 28, 1929Mar 13, 1936Daughter of Verna M. & Homer G. Wilkes
WILKES, Verna Mae RogersNov 18, 1904Apr 5, 1977Wife of Homer G. Wilkes
WILLIAMS, Alethea Hood-1829Wife; Interred on old plantation, Chaires, Leon County, Florida. Parents of Sarah W. Strohecker and Margaret W. Scott.
WILLIAMS, Catharine Arnett-Nov 7, 1843Daughter of James & Catharine Williams; Aged 9 years & 20 days
WILLIAMS, CatherineNov 4, 1805Sep 8, 1882Wife of James Williams; Sweet be thy rest, till he bids thee arise.
WILLIAMS, Drury17791837In Loving Memory, Husband; Interred on old plantation, Chaires, Leon County, Florida. Parents of Sarah W. Strohecker and Margaret W. Scott.
WILLIAMS, Felix A.-Feb 12, 1871Son of James & Catharine Williams; Aged 29 Years, 1 mo & 21 days
WILLIAMS, Henry James-7th May 1859Son of James & Catharine Williams; Aged 17 months & 5 days
WILLIAMS, JamesEdgecomb Co, North Carolina Feb 10, 1795Macon, Ga Oct 17, 1871Aged 76 years, 8 mos & 7 days; As in Adam all died: Even [?] Christ shall all be made alive.
WILLIAMS, James E__-May 17, 1839Son of James & Catharine Williams; Aged 15 ys [?]
WILLIAMS, Mary Jane--Daughter of James & Catharine Williams
WILLIAMS, Sarah Hason-28th July 1841Daughter of James & Catharine Williams; Aged 18 months & 26 days
WILLINGHAM, JamesNovember 1st, 18[13]10th August, 18[44]Sacred to the Memory of; Erected by the Mayor and Council of Macon, in honour of the Public Spirit which lest a valuable life in saving the property of his fellow Citizens from the ravages of Fire.
WILLINGHAM, Kate ColemanNovember 27, 1881November 14, 1960Wife of Alfred Ross Willingham
WILSON, Caroline [Danielly]Baldwin County, GABibb County, GA Feb 28, 1840Age 30 Years; Wife of Col. David F. Wilson; First Interment in Rose Hill Cemetery
[was the sister-in-law of the lot owner, Alexander McGregor]
WILSON, Julia GoodwynApr 19, 1891Feb 19, 1920Wife of Rogers M. Wilson
WILSON, Sarah Barrett BarfieldSept 26, 1866Dec 6, 1945Wife of Robert Lee Wilson
WIMBERLY, Mrs. Rebecca C.Burke Co, GaMacon 23rd Nov 1840In memory of...a member of the M. E. Church, the 51st year of her age. Erected by her children in testimony of their affectionate remembrance of her virtues.
WINN, Abby Augusta JonesFeb 9, 1864Nov 22, 1943Wife of Cooper David Winn
WINN, Cooper DavidSept 2, 1857Feb 1, 1913-
WINN, Eliza Low JonesMay 2, 1858May 10, 1891Wife of C. D. Winn; A devoted wife & mother...She lives in the hearts of those who knew her best.
WINN, Ellen ElizabethJan 28, 1904Mar 2, 1990Daughter of Abby Augusta Jones & Cooper David Winn
WINN, Fannie M.Dec 17, 1835July 21, 1874My Mother...Wife of David R. E. Winn; Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
WINSHIP, Catherine ColfeltPhiladelphia June 22, 1876Asheville Sept 25, 1966[s/s North Winship]
WINSHIP, Mary North18571931-
WINSHIP, Nathan Roberson18561927-
WINSHIP, NorthMacon Dec 31, 1885Macon Nov 1, 1968[s/s Catherine Cofelt Winship]
WINTERS, Mary18621958Appleton Church Home 1869-
WISE, Lamar MunroeJuly 8, 1898May 3, 1955Captain U. S. N.
WISE, Nina Kathryn MooreJune 16, 1898March 31, 1971Wife of Lamar M. Wise
WOOD, Antoinette L. N.July 2, 1859May 13, 1860Children of Grenville & Antoinette V. Wood
[s/s James Henry Wood, Grenville Wood, Rosa Irena Wood]
WOOD, Antoinette V. EanesJune 9, 1824April 21, 1860Wife of Grenville Wood
WOOD, Emily RumbleMar 15, 1912Aug 12, 1944Great loves live on.
WOOD, GrenvilleBrookfield, Conn. Jan 15, 1815Oct 19, 1878-
WOOD, GrenvilleNov 4, 1847June 22, 1848Children of Grenville & Antoinette V. Wood
[s/s James Henry Wood, Rosa Irena Wood, Antoinette L. N. Wood]
WOOD, James HenryDec 23, 1844June 22, 1846Our First Infant, Children of Grenville & Antoinette V. Wood
[s/s Grenville Wood, Rosa Irena Wood, Antoinette L. N. Wood]
WOOD, Rosa IrenaDec 6, 1857April 18, 1860Children of Grenville & Antoinette V. Wood
[s/s James Henry Wood, Grenville Wood, Antoinette L. N. Wood]
WOOD, Virginia E. Willingham MarshallOct 8, 1887May 27, 1959Wife of William C. Marshall 1907-1928; Wife of James A. Wood 1929-1959
WOODRUFF, Adelia ScattergoodPhiladelphia, PA 1833Macon, Ga 1906Mother, Wife of D. B. Woodruff, She lived for others.
WOODRUFF, David B.Orange, Conn. 1829West Haven, Conn. 190[?]Erected by the Supreme Lodge, Knights of Pythias & the Grand Lodge of Georgia, in memory of David B. Woodruff, Supreme Chancellor, 1878-1880, Grand Chancellor, for Georgia, 1871-1873.
[broken granite slab]
WOODRUFF, George--Infant son of D. B. & A. S. Woodruff, Age 3 mo's & 4 d'ys
WORSHAM, Gray GoodwynSept 23, 1896Sept 26, 1986Wife of Leonidas Smith Worsham
WRIGHT, Gertrude ChapmanJune 12, 1877June 1, 1958Wife of Wilson A. Wright
YARBROUGH, Kate S.18721948Mamma
YARBROUGH, Leila AustellElberton, Ga Feb 6, 1898Macon, Ga Feb 5, 1906Daughter of W. J. & Kate Yarbrough; Weep not, PaPa and MaMa, for me. For I am waiting in Glory for thee.
YARBROUGH, Wm. J.18721937-
ZETTLER, B. M.Effingham Co, GA 18421915Confederate Soldier; Co B 8th Ga Regt; 1861-65; Severely wounded at Second Manassas, Organized under the Board of Public Education and for 21 years Superintended the public schools of Macon and Bibb County.
ZETTLER, Belle--2 mos, 14 days; A little angel waiting for me on the beautiful banks of the crystal sea.
ZETTLER, Estelle--14 Months; A little bud of love to bloom with God above.
ZETTLER, Harriet M.Aug 7, 1840Dec 20, 1887Wife of B. M. Zettler; Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep, From which none ever wake to weep...A loving wife and devoted mother.

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