Augusta Chronicle (Georgia)
Tuesday, 29 October 1861 - pg. 1 [GenealogyBank]
ANOTHER MURDER. -- The Atlanta Confederacy has the

CHUNNENUGGEE, ALA., Oct. 24, 1861. -- Dr. R. L. G. Bozeman who lived
near this place, was cruelly murdered on Tuesday last, by two of his own
negroes. The two negres [sic] had run away about a week previous, and
on their return, the Dr. took them -- his overseer being absent -- to
the black smith shop to correct them. While addressing one with his
back to the other, he was struck on the back of the head, either with a
sledge hammer or other piece of iron, fracturing the occipital bone.
The boy who killed him has escaped. The one at home charges the killing
upon the fugitive. We learn these negroes were given to Dr. Bozeman by
his aunt, living near Milledgeville, Georgia.

Augusta Chronicle (Georgia)
Saturday, 2 November 1861 - pg. 1 [GenealogyBank]
Dr. R. L. G. Bozeman, of Chunnenuggee, Alabama, was recently
killed by a refractory negro. The Doctor was formerly from Baldwin

Southern Recorder (Milledgeville, Georgia)
26 November 1861 - pg. 4 [Georgia Historic Newspapers; notice originally
ran around 25th October, before lynching]
$100 REWARD!

THE ABOVE REWARD will be paid for the apprehension of the boy DOLPHUS,
called Dol, who brutally murdered his master, Dr. R. L. G. BOZEMAN, on
the 22d instant.

Said boy is of a copper color, about 24 years of age -- has a high,
narrow, receding forehead and long Roman nose -- is about five feet
eight or nine inches high -- heavy muscle, and weighs about one hundred
and seventy of 75 pounds. He was raised near Milledgeville, Ga., and
may attempt to return to that place; but the boy who was accessory,
states that a white man promised them a pass to a Free Country.

Lodge in jail or deliver to the subscriber, J. R. HERRIN.
Chunnenugee, Ala., Oct. 25th, 1861.

Augusta Chronicle (Georgia)
Tuesday, 12 November 1861 - pg. 3 [GenealogyBank]
slaves, Willis, Adolphus and Bill, concerned in the recent murder of Dr.
R. L. G. Bozeman, of Chunnenuggee, Alabama, were lynched on Friday, the
8th inst., by the hanging of Bill and the burning of Willis and
Adolphus. We have received a statement of the proceedings by a citizen
of Chunnenuggee, which will appear in our Monday's issue. Meantime the
author desires a suspension of public opinion respecting the affair. --
Columbus Sun.

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