Sarah Lincecum

Female Bef 1769 - 1803  (> 34 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Sarah Lincecum was born before 1769 in North Carolina, USA (daughter of Gideon Lincecum and Miriam Bowie); died in 1803 in Tennessee, USA.


    - From Billy Joe Lincecum's The Lincecum Line, dated January 1990:
    "Sally was married to Tyre Kelly. There are no records that indicate Tyre as the father of Asa. Records are available to show that he was known throughout his life as "Asa Lincecum".
    (Re: Page 14-15, Gideon Lincecum - 1793-1874, a Biography, by: Lois Wood Burkhalter.)
    (Re: Cape Girardeau County Court records, 14 May 1832, sworn statements made by Hezekiah, Gideon II, and Sarah Lincecum, confirming that the Asa in the book, is the same Asa that shows up in Missouri (the father of Harmon) in the early 1820's)

    - Sally died of a carbuncle on the back of her neck.

    Sarah married Tyre Kelly in 1785 in Georgia, USA. Tyre was born about 1770 in South Carolina, USA; died about 1846 in Lowndes, Alabama, USA. [Group Sheet]

    1. Dicey Kelley was born in 1791 in Pulaski, Georgia.
    2. Hyram Kelley was born between 1800 and 1801 in South Carolina, USA.
    3. Catherine Kelley was born in 1792 in Pulaski, Georgia.
    4. Nicia Kelley was born about 1803 in Georgia.
    5. Seaborn R. Kelley was born between 1803 and 1804 in Georgia; died between 1870 and 1880 in Alabama.
    6. Grant Kelley was born between 1800 and 1805 in Georgia; died in 1832 in Lowndes County, Alabama.
    7. Zedoc Kelley was born in 1790 in Pulaski, Georgia; died in 1846.

    Sarah married . [Group Sheet]

    1. Asa B. Lincecum was born in 1784 in Warren, Georgia, USA; died on 16 Nov 1827 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Gideon Lincecum was born in in France (son of Paschal Linseycomb and A French Woman); died between 1775 and 1783.


    - Gideon and Miriam eloped and settled on the Saluda River in colony of South Carolina. They remained there fifteen years...

    "Pascal thought the Bowies were pretentious and was not pleased with Gideon's engagement. Meanwhile, according to Gideon Lincecum II, Miriam's brother 'could not consent for his beautiful, young and highly accomplished sister to become the wife of a frog-eating Frenchman.' Since both sets of parents objected, Gideon and Miriam eloped." [Judy Jacobson, Alabama & Mississippi Connections]

    - Gideon and Miriam went to Warren County, Georgia in 1769. They had been married 15 years earlier in Maryland.

    - Gideon fought in the American Revolution; he was killed... Gideon was captain of a company of rangers that had been organized by the government for protection of the frontier against the Muscogee Indians, who had been hire by the British to kill and scalp the people of Georgia. Then came the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution. Colonel Few sent an order to Captain Lincecum to collect his rangers and meet his forces. At a point a few miles from (1871's) Sparta, Hancock County, Georgia, they came to a bunch of raw hide ropes that had been dropped in the path. They dismounted. The Indians that were concealed in the switch cane rose up and fired into the crowd. Two were killed and Lincecum received a shot in the thigh. The rangers began running with the Indians following. They ran less than half a mile when the bleeding Lincecum turned and faced the approaching savages. The captain fell mortally wounded. He was badly mutilated having had five scalp trophies taken from his head. His widow, Miriam, didn't feel safe and fled to the Edgefield district of South Carolina. She remained til peace was made. Meanwhile, her two sons, Edward and John, were taken prisoner and shot soon after the Battle of Cowpens.

    - Source: Wilkes County Misc Records Book B, Folio 13 []
    Written: February 10, 1784

    Gideon Lincecum Estate Inventory
    Wilkes Co., GA
    10 Feb 1784

    An Inventory of the Estate of Gideon Linecean Decd. taken this 10 day February

    300 Acres Land £125 One Negro named Tom £60
    1 Negro woman named Hannah £50 1 Negro girl named Patt £50
    3 Feather Beads £6 12 Pewter Plates £10 6 Plates & 2 Dishes £1 15sh.
    1 axe & kittle 15sh. 1 Pegin(?) 1 Box Iron & Punch Bole(?) 1sh.
    1 Candle stick & Snuffer 3 sh.

    Appr. James Morgan
    William White
    Rezan Bowie

    April 7th 1784
    B. Heard

    GA ARCHIVES, Dr. 45/Box 20
    Wilkes Co., GA Misc. Estate Records
    Book B, 1783-1784, Register Folio (13)
    Transcribed by Bob & Linda Ellis, Duluth, GA

    Note: This appraisal is believed to have taken place approximately 7 years
    after Gideon Lincecum’s death as shortly after the skirmish with Indians in
    which Gideon was killed (c. 1777-1778) and then nearby Augusta’s first fall to
    the Tories most of the settlers in the area (including the Lincecum family,
    according to Gideon’s grandson and namesake, Gideon Lincecum, 1793-1874, the
    frontier naturalist) removed to the South Carolina side of the Savannah River
    until peace was declared (a period of nearly 7 years). According to the
    younger Gideon, the Lincecums were in the Edgefield District of SC during this
    time period.

    - Early Records of GIDEON LINCECUM, tak[en] from the "Early Records of Wilkes County, Georgia, Volume I and II"

    Folio 13--LINECEAN (sic), GIDEON, dec'd. Inventory Feb. 18, 1784. Wm. White, James Morgan, Rezan (sic) Bowie, appraisers.

    Folio 30--To MILLAY (Miriam) LINCOCEAN (sic), widow, "Whereas Gideon Lincocean (sic) late of this Co. lately died." Dec. 19, 1783. B. Heard, R. P.

    Page 53--LINICUM, MERIUM (sic) to Richard Childers 200 acres on Powells creek. Feb. 14, 1785. Thos. Ansley, James Bowie, Burrill Waller, Samuel Braswell, Test.

    Page 221--LINNIECOM (sic), HEZEKIAH and wife Sarah, to Matthew McCravey, 179 acres on Long creek part of orig. grant 1784 to said Hezekiah. Dec. 1, 1788. Henry Townsend, Jona. McCravy, James Wadsworth, Test.

    Page 101--LINDSACUM (sic), HEZEKIAH to Wm. West both of Wilkes Co., 120 acres on Ogeechee orig. grant 1784 to said Hezekiah. Oct. 27, 1788. Benj. Moore, Wm. Smith, Test.

    Volume II

    Page 180--LINCECUM, HEZEKIAH to Wm. West, 121 acres on water of Ogeechee on a creek or fork, agreeable to a plat annexed to a grant 1784 to said Linecum. Nov. 17, 1790. Jonathan McCrary, John Nugent, Andrew Burns, J. P. test.

    Gideon married Miriam Bowie about 1760 in Maryland, USA. Miriam (daughter of John Bowie, Jr. and Elizabeth Pottinger) was born between 1725 and 1749 in Maryland, USA; died in 1813 in Eatonton, Putnam, Georgia, USA. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Miriam Bowie was born between 1725 and 1749 in Maryland, USA (daughter of John Bowie, Jr. and Elizabeth Pottinger); died in 1813 in Eatonton, Putnam, Georgia, USA.


    Miriam was the Scotch aunt of James Bowie, the originator of the Bowie knife.

    From Judy Jacobson's Alabama & Mississippi Connections
    "Then later during the war, Tories who had overrun the area, severely beat Gideon's widow with an iron ramrod in an attempt to get her to reveal where her money was. Her slaves fled and feeling alone and unsafe in her own home, Miriam joined a group of Georgians going into Edgefield District of South Carolina. She remained there until peace came in 1783 and then returned to Wilkes County where she found her home and crops had been burned and livestock stolen by Tories."

    From "Georgians in the Revolution":
    [The following deposition from the Telamon Cuyler Collection, Special Collections, University of Georgia Libraries, reflects the type of decision that many families of Burke County and other areas of Georgia had to make in the last days of the Revolution.]

    State of Georgia This Day appeared before me one of the Justices
    Richd. County appointed for said County Meriam Lincecum and after
    begin Duely sworn doth say that about ye 25th of
    Feby. Last Past that she was at the House of John McDaniel, and she heard
    said McDaniel say he was going away she asked him if his family was going
    he said no. he should take what he wanted of his living with him and
    the remainder he should leave with his wife to keep her children on and
    she his said wife made answer that she chose to stay or go with the Liberty,
    said Mcdaniel said the King's people had possession now but he expected
    the Liberty would be here again, and he would not stay here but would
    go Down Below as she the said Miriam Lencecium heard the said McDaniel's
    wife say that she would not go with the King's people, but would stay
    with the Liberty or words to that Effect sworn before me

    14th Feby 1782 her
    Jas. Bowie JP Miriam Lincecum

    From "Greene County, Georgia - Land Records"

    Linnecone (?) of Washington County, on 31 May 1793, for love
    and affection for my grandson, Giddeon Berry, I give one negro girl named
    Patt. The first child of Patt will go to my granddaughter, Linna Linnecone,
    but all other children to Giddeon. Wit.: Charles Medlock and P. Boyle, J.P.
    Recorded 13 April 1795.

    From Rootsweb BOWIE-L mailing list archives:

    Subject: Bowies of Maryland, LA/VA connection?
    Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 12:03:45 -0800

    In the Texas State Library, a pair of spectacles that Belonged to James Bowie were found with the following documentation: "These spectacles were the property of James Bowie who came from Scotland, and settled in Maryland Ano Domini 1742. He was the oldest of eight brothers and sisters. He died soon after his arrival in America leaving the spectacles to his youngest sister, Miriam Lincecum. She at her death left them to Sarah Lincecum, the wife of her youngest child, Hezekiah Lincecum. And Sarah Lincecum gave them to her oldest son Gideon Lincecum, who is the writer of this in the year 1847. (Jennings, 1997 p. 4)*.

    In her book, Jennings traces the line down to James Bowie of the Alamo. The year 1742 has a familar ring in the VA Bowie history as well....

    Miriam Bowie died in 1813 at age 88, making her birth about 1725, since she was the younger sister, then James was born before 1725, and if above is correct, in Scotland. What is even more interesting, is at the death of Miriam's Husband, Gideon Lincecum, during the Revolutionary war, she went to live in Abbeville, South Carolina, assumably with relatives.

    Since in this period, the Major John Bowie is in Abbeville, SC, this may imply that the line out of Dumbartonshire, and further back into Stirlingshire is this Bowie line. Since he is eldest, his grandfather should be James Bowie as well.

    This would actually make sense. With so many James and John Bowies, it makes this part hard to sort out, but I reccomend other Bowie researchers get the Jennings book and let me know what you think. She has documentation, translations etc. on all of this.

    Best Regards,
    Cameron, Lori and Bob Bowie of Maine
    PO Box 3751
    Brewer, Maine 04412"

    *Book cited is The Rezin Bowie family of Louisiana: Documents supporting corrections and additions concerning the Rezin Bowie family of Louisiana and suggestions for further research by Virginia L. Jennings

    1. John Lincecum was born before 1769; died in 1781 in Cowpens, Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA.
    2. Edward Lincecum was born between 1762 and 1769 in Orange, North Carolina, USA; died in Jan 1781 in Cowpens, Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA.
    3. Nancy Lincecum was born between 1768 and 1769 in North Carolina, USA; died in Sep 1849 in Winston, Mississippi, USA.
    4. Dolly Lincecum was born between 1766 and 1769 in Orange, North Carolina, USA.
    5. Hezekiah Lincecum was born in 1770 in Warren, Georgia, USA; died on 4 Mar 1839 in Lowndes, Mississippi, USA.
    6. 1. Sarah Lincecum was born before 1769 in North Carolina, USA; died in 1803 in Tennessee, USA.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Paschal Linseycomb was born between 1689 and 1720 in France (son of Linseycomb); died in in Maryland, USA.


    - Paschal and his family came to America and settled in Maryland. [B. J. Lincecum, Lincecum Genealogy; Stephanie Lincecum, Perry, GA, 2015. Featuring "The Lincecum Line" genealogy report dated January 1990.]

    - According to "Adventures of a Frontier Naturalist", Paschal's FATHER (he was a LINSEYCOMB who was left in France as an unexchanged war prisoner) married a French woman and had Paschal. Paschal had Gideon LINCECUM (born in France and raised in Maryland). They were Hugenot at the time they left France so religiuos reasons caused them to leave the country.

    - It is believed that Paschal and his wife had 3 daughters, as well as Gideon. ["Alabama & Mississippi Connections: Historical & Biographical Sketches of Families Who Settled on Both Sides of the Tombigbee River" by Judy Jacobson]

    - From Grandpa's genealogy research report, The Lincecum Line, prepared January 1990:


    The desire for freedom was an old Lincecum tradition which began when Paschal, the son of a French mother and a British father, fled his native France for America. He brought with him his French wife and infant son, Gideon, and in the new country changed the spelling of the family name from LINSEYCOMB to LINCECUM......

    Re: Chapter one (Page 7), Gideon Lincecum 1793-1874, a Biography, By: Lois Wood Burkhalter.


    Linseywoolsey.......A coarse fabric woven from linenwarp and coarse wool filling...

    Comb...............Any comb like instrument, a toothed piece of bone, metal, etc., a card for dressing wool.

    Linseycomb..........An instrument for combing linsey, one who combs linsey....

    Paschal married A French Woman in France. A was born about 1720. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  A French Woman was born about 1720.
    1. 2. Gideon Lincecum was born in in France; died between 1775 and 1783.

  3. 6.  John Bowie, Jr. was born in 1708 in Nottingham, Prince George's, Maryland, USA (son of John Bowie and Mary Mullikin); died on 5 Feb 1753 in Prince George's, Maryland, USA; was buried in Prince George's, Maryland, USA.


    John was born at "Brookewood", the home of his parents, in Nottingham District, Prince George's County, Maryland.

    In 1730, his father entailed upon him the plantation called "Thorpland," lying on Collington Branch, 3 miles north of Upper Marlborough.

    In 1737 Dr. Pottinger deeded to his son-in-law, John Bowie, "on account of my love and affection for him," a large plantation in Queen Anne's Parish. In 1747 he increased his real estate by the purchase of a plantation called "The Hermitage," owned by Thomas Harris, situated 12 miles north of the present city of Washington, and lying in Frederick County, now Montgomery County. ["The Bowies and Their Kindred," page 27]



    John married Elizabeth Pottinger on 18 Dec 1735 in Queen Anne, Prince George's, Maryland, USA. Elizabeth (daughter of Robert Pottenger and Anne Evans) was born in 1717 in Maryland, USA; died on 14 Mar 1775 in Maryland, USA; was buried in Washington, District of Columbia, USA. [Group Sheet]

  4. 7.  Elizabeth Pottinger was born in 1717 in Maryland, USA (daughter of Robert Pottenger and Anne Evans); died on 14 Mar 1775 in Maryland, USA; was buried in Washington, District of Columbia, USA.


    In Memory of
    Eliezabeth Cramphin
    w/o Thomas Cramphin
    Who departed this life the 14th
    of March 1775, aged 54 years

    Rock Creek Cemetery

    1. James Bowie was born between 1724 and 1739 in Maryland, USA; died in 1789.
    2. 3. Miriam Bowie was born between 1725 and 1749 in Maryland, USA; died in 1813 in Eatonton, Putnam, Georgia, USA.
    3. Allen Bowie was born in 1737 in Upper Marlboro, Prince George's, Maryland, USA; died on 22 Mar 1803 in Maryland, USA; was buried in Rockville, Montgomery, Maryland, USA.
    4. John Bowie, III was born about 1744 in Prince George's, Maryland, USA; died on 3 Sep 1801.
    5. Infant Bowie was born in 1753.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  Linseycomb was born in 1689 in England.


    -Linseycomb was an Englishman left by the British army as an unexchanged prisoner in France... At the age of sixteen young Linseycomb was enrolled in the English army and sent to France... [He] married and made his home in France... [He] had only one son, Paschal...

    1. 4. Paschal Linseycomb was born between 1689 and 1720 in France; died in in Maryland, USA.

  2. 12.  John Bowie was born about 1688 in Scotland (son of Bowie and Smith); died on 24 Mar 1759 in Prince George's, Maryland, USA.


    John immigrated from Scotland to Maryland about 1705 - 1706 and settled near Nottingham, Prince George's County, Maryland. He was encourgaed to do so by his maternal uncle, John Smith. John Smith had immigrated earlier and settled on the Patuxent River. [Sources: (1) GENEALOGICAL AND MEMORIAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND via Ancestry; (2) MATTHEWS' AMERICAN ARMOURY AND BLUE BOOK via Ancestry]

    John Bowie, Sr., the first member of this branch of the Bowie family to emigrate to North America, left Scotland around 1705 at the invitation of his uncle, John Smith, who preceded him to North America and established a plantation on the Patuxent River near Nottingham, Maryland. John Bowie, Sr., became the founder of an illustrious Maryland family that included several prominent lawyers, merchants, politicians, Revolutionary patriots, and military officers. Members of the Bowie family married into other leading families, including the Davis, Hall, and Pottinger families.

    The Bowie family's economic, social, and political prominence increased during the Revolutionary and Early Federal periods. Allen Bowie, Jr., of Frederick and Montgomery counties served as a representative to the Maryland Convention that elected representatives to the Continental Congress. During the Revolution, he held numerous positions and served as one of Montgomery County's commissioners. In 1799, Allen Bowie's son, Washington Bowie, established the Alexandria merchant firm of Bowie and Kurtz, which soon gained an outstanding national and international reputation. In 1810, the Annapolis Gazette praised Colonel Bowie for his business acumen and devotion to public service, calling him the city's "merchant prince."

    It was during the American Revolution that Robert Bowie, a grandson of the first American, John Bowie, Sr., achieved military and political prominence. In 1775, Robert Bowie enlisted in the minuteman company formed in Prince George's County, Maryland. Bowie received several commendations and promotions during the conflict. In 1776, he was commissioned captain of the Second Battalion, Maryland flying artillery; he amassed a distinguished service record at the Battles of Harlem Heights and White Plains; and in 1777 he was commissioned Captain of the Prince George's County militia. After the war, Robert Bowie entered politics. He served in the Maryland House of Delegates between 1785 and 1790. In 1803, he was elected governor of Maryland, a position he held until 1812.

    According to family lore, Colonel James Bowie, the inventor of the Bowie Knife and hero of the Alamo, was directly related to Maryland's Bowie family. The validity of these claims is difficult to determine. Some family traditions say that James Bowie left Maryland in 1760 and settled in South Carolina, where he fathered Rezin Bowie, the father of Colonel James Bowie. Other traditions suggest that James Bowie died around 1760 and that there is no connection between Maryland's Bowie family and Colonel James Bowie.

    Perhaps the most public member of the Bowie family was Oden Bowie (1826-1894), who became prominent in the Democratic Party and served as Maryland's governor between 1869 and 1872. Bowie received commendations for gallantry during the Mexican-American War. Following the war, he entered politics. In 1847, Bowie campaigned for the Maryland General Assembly, but his campaign was hindered by allegations that he was underage. He won a State Senate seat in a subsequent election, but his political career would soon suffer because of his Confederate sympathies. His 1861 Senate re-election bid, along with his 1864 campaign for Lieutenant Governor, were both unsuccessful. Nevertheless, Bowie remained active in the Democratic Party and kept the organization from crumbling during the Civil War. In 1867, Bowie won a landslide victory over his Republican opponent for the governor's office. An avid horseman, Bowie was responsible for the opening of Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore and the naming of their famous Preakness race. Outside of politics, Bowie was an active business promoter. His support was instrumental in the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad's success. He also served as manager of Baltimore's streetcar system.

    Washington Bowie, Jr., the fifth member of the family to bear that name, built impressive legal and military careers. The son of Colonel Washington Bowie and Nettie Schley, Washington Bowie, Jr., was born on November 20, 1872. He was admitted to the bar in June, 1896, and eventually became Vice-President and Counsel of the Fidelity and Deposit Company. Bowie launched his military career in 1894, when he enlisted in the 5th Maryland Infantry. In the following decades, Bowie served along the Mexican Border, in the Spanish American War, and overseas during World War I. He retired from the military in 1936, having achieved the rank of Major General.

    John married Mary Mullikin in Dec 1707. Mary (daughter of James Mullikin and Mary Jane Prather) was born about 1692 in Maryland, USA; died in 1750. [Group Sheet]

  3. 13.  Mary Mullikin was born about 1692 in Maryland, USA (daughter of James Mullikin and Mary Jane Prather); died in 1750.
    1. Eleanor Bowie was born in 1709; died after 1776.
    2. James Bowie was born in 1714; died on 28 Sep 1744.
    3. Allen Bowie was born in 1719 in Nottingham, Prince George's, Maryland, USA; died about 1783.
    4. Lucie Bowie was born in 1720.
    5. William Bowie was born in 1721 in Prince George's, Maryland, USA; died in 1791.
    6. Thomas Bowie was born in 1723 in Nottingham, Prince George's, Maryland, USA; died in 1758.
    7. Mary Bowie was born in 1726; died in 1792.
    8. 6. John Bowie, Jr. was born in 1708 in Nottingham, Prince George's, Maryland, USA; died on 5 Feb 1753 in Prince George's, Maryland, USA; was buried in Prince George's, Maryland, USA.

  4. 14.  Robert Pottenger was born on 25 Feb 1694 in Maryland, USA; died on 5 Jun 1738.


    - Abstract of will from Maryland Calendar of Wills, 1732-1738 (viewed online at World Vital

    "Pottenger, Robert, Prince George's Co., 20th Mch., 1735-6 [date of will]; 5th June, 1738 [date of death].

    To wife Ann, extx., 1/3 of personal estate; certain personalty during life, to pass at her death to son John; also dwelling plantation with 174 A[cres] during life, on condition she quit her rights and title in "Green's Delight," which is hereafter given to dau. Mary.

    To son John and hrs. [heirs], after his mother's death, lands before given to wife; he dying without issue to pass to youngest son Richard and hrs.

    To son Robert and hrs., 26 A. adj. to that land his grandfather left him and adj. to the free school.

    To sons John and Robert and dau. Elizabeth Bowie, personalty.

    To sons John and Robert and their hrs., half of the house and lot at Queen Ann Town. Residue of personal estate to be divided among four other daus., viz: Ann, Rachel, Sarah and Ellenor. Shd. [Should] any of the 4 die before marriage, survivors to divide portion of dec'd [deceased]. Children to be taught to read and write, sons to have benefit of labour at age of 15.

    Test: Peter McKean (Keen), Abel Adgate, Clara Holmes.
    Probate shows Clara Holmes to be wife of Peter Mackeen.

    22nd April, 1738. To dau. Mary, an equal part with 4 other daus. Test: Mary Evans."

    Robert married Anne Evans in 1716. Anne (daughter of Richard Evans and Elizabeth Hall) was born in 1697; died in 1768. [Group Sheet]

  5. 15.  Anne Evans was born in 1697 (daughter of Richard Evans and Elizabeth Hall); died in 1768.
    1. 7. Elizabeth Pottinger was born in 1717 in Maryland, USA; died on 14 Mar 1775 in Maryland, USA; was buried in Washington, District of Columbia, USA.
    2. Mary Pottenger
    3. John Pottenger
    4. Richard Pottenger
    5. Robert Pottenger
    6. Ann Pottenger
    7. Sarah Pottenger
    8. Ellenor Pottenger
    9. Rachel Pottenger