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1  Jones, Grace Ethel (I396)
2  Woodlee, Lenora Mae (I1265)
3  Hardcastle, Albert (I6333)
4  Thigpen, Green Berry (I3469)
5  Kinyon, John (I5208)
6  Arnold, Fance (I7348)
7  Harper, Alice Emma (I8098)
8  Hitt, Clara Irene (I10153)
Ayers, Sarah (I9273)
Lincecum, Paulina Green (I7063)
Lincecum, John Brown (I7321)
12 "A Memorial and Biographical History of Johnson and Hill Counties, Texas". Database. : 2005. Source (S521)
13 "According to 'Old Tuskaloosa Land Office Records,' on September 5, 1822, a "Gravel" Lincecum of Monroe County, Mississippi was awarded land in Sec 26 T 16 R 17 W...The only other land granted to a Lincecum by the Tuscaloosa land office was given to "Grabel" Lincecum on December 11, 1822. That property was described as Sec 26 T 16 R 17 W in Monroe County." [Source: Alabama and Mississippi Connections: Historical and Biographical Sketches of Families Who Settled on Both Sides of the Tombigbee River]

Lincecum, Grabel (I7033)
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20 "Bellefield" Bowie, Col. William Duckett (I5439)
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22 "Brookewood" Bowie, John Jr. (I5645)
23 "Brookridge" Eversfield, Elizabeth Clagett (I5504)
24 "Brookridge" Bowie, Capt. Fielder (I5505)
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38 "Departed this life the 31st day of December, 1853, Elder Benjamin Thompson, aged eighty years. He joined the Regular Baptist Church called Bethel near Jackson, in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, on February 8, A. D. 1812, and was licensed to preach the gospel on June 8, A. D. 1822, and was ordained a minister of the Gospel, March 12, A. D. 1825; and September 9, A. D. 1826, was chosen pastor of said church, and remained pastor until the day of his death. Elder Thompson as a preacher was sound in the faith that was delivered to the saints. His life was an example to all people that knew him. When at home he was engaged in working on his farm at peace with all his neighbors, and when out preaching the word, he freely gave it, for as much as it was given to him freely, so he made the Gospel without a charge. Believing with all his heart that it was his duty to preach wherever his mind led him, if any opportunity served, and so he did, all the time, till his age and weakness became so that he had to stay at his own dwelling, where he was kindly waited on until the messenger of death was prepared to separate his spirit from his body. Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord, yea, saith the Spirit, for they shall rest from their labour, and their works do follow them. He left a wife and one son and grandson on the farm, and other children scattered about with many brethren and neighbors and friends to mourn his loss."

Copied from Minutes of Bethel Church, Feb. 11, 1854. Copyright The Primitive Baptist Library. [via FamilySearch Family Tree; entry for Benjamin W. Thompson, 1769-1853] See also --

Thompson, Rev. Benjamin (I5232)
39 "Doctor Lincecum married October 24, 1897, Miss Letha Gandy. Mrs. Lincecum is a Texas author, has been an investigator and writer on historical topics, and many of her writings have been published and have secured for her special recognition and honors from the university and other institutions. Her great-grandfather, John Gandy, of North Carolina, was a soldier in the American Revolution. Her parents were Barnabas P. and Mary (Allen) Gandy, her father a native of Alabama and her mother of Mississippi. Doctor and Mrs. Lincecum have three children, Barney, Ruth and Addison, Jr. Barney of Houston. Ruth is the wife of Ray Hilton, a chemist at Houston, and they have a daughter, Dorothy and son, Addison III. Addison, Jr. is a pupil in the public schools at Washington, DC." [Source: Texas Under Many Flags by Clarence Wharton. American Historical Society, 1930. Page 124.]

Gandy, Letha Elizabeth (I7864)
40 "Fairview" Bowie, Col. William Duckett (I5439)
41 "Fairview" Bowie, Col. William Duckett (I5439)
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50 "Georgia Marriage Records From Select Counties, 1828-1978". Database. Ancestry. Ancestry. : 2013. Source (S670)

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